Monday, May 4, 2015


These were taken back in 2011 from the public landing at the Seabreeze and although I've posted them several times before, I never tire of gazing at them.

I did a lot of gazing at the water this weekend.  The weather Saturday and Sunday was spectacular.  Saturday a friend and I ate outside at my favorite restaurant Merroir, where the food was outstanding and the views relaxing.  Sunday I spent a lot of time on my back deck soaking up the sun and watching the boats parade up and down Queens Creek.

This week will be another busy one for me.  Work is becoming more hectic, at home the grass needs cutting, and on Friday I drive to Charlottesville to retrieve Son, who has successfully made it through his first year of college.

Time continues to fly by at record speeds.

So I don't feel at all guilty for slowing down when I can and staring off into the water when the opportunity presents itself.  It's therapeutic.

Friday, May 1, 2015

From the Yard

All of these shots were taken from my back yard, which some might call my front yard since the house technically fronts the water.  I'm a bit stubborn and slow to make changes, however, and I've always called it the back yard since we approach the house by car on the other side--which I refer to as the front yard.

That first paragraph absolutely exhausted me, I cannot imagine what it was like to read it.

Anyway, I never know what I'm going to see when I glance out back.  The other evening, I saw this eagle patiently perched across the creek.  We see them all the time in flight and in trees; this is the first time I've ever seen one wading in the creek.

Herons, on the other hand, are very familiar friends.  It's not at all unusual seeing them wading along, waiting for just the right morsel of seafood to happen by.

The first rainbow of the season made a faint but quaint appearance earlier this week.  

And this seems to be the week for sunrises.  The one below happened Thursday and was even more beautiful in person.

Mother Nature puts on some spectacular shows here in Mathews, and her efforts this week were especially noteworthy.

Welcome to the month of May, I thought she'd never get here.