Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Milford Haven

Over the weekend, after a morning jog down Redart, I drove over to Gwynn's Island
to stop in on an old friend by the name of Milford Haven.

These seagulls were also saying hello to old Milford.

These were taken Saturday from the Seabreeze.

On Sunday I had lunch with a friend at the Seabreeze, which continues to make an outstanding hamburger--a rare treat for me these days.

Daughter upped and went vegetarian on me over a year ago, so I very rarely eat meat anymore myself, because, really, what's the point in fixing two meals when one will suffice?  (I'm all about efficiency.There's also a very fine line between laziness and efficiency.)  

On a day-to-day basis, I don't really miss eating meat, but every now and then a girl just has to have a hamburger, doggone it!  Or else!

And Sunday at the Seabreeze was one of those days.

I am working on an "I MUST HAVE A STEAK RIGHT. THIS. VERY. SECOND!" day.  I think the last time I had steak was...to be perfectly honest, it's hasn't been in 2016.  It's been several months.  Many.  And a craving is just a -brewin'.

But back to Daughter.  Or were we talking about Milford Haven?  Or steak?  Mmmm. Steak. No! Back to Daughter.

She was accepted early action to the University of Virginia's School of Architecture and continues to amaze me.  We're nearing the end of basketball season, and she's done an incredible job on the court as well as the classroom.

More on all this in a later post.

Right now all I am thinking about is a nice, juicy, salty steak.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Donk's Theater III

Downtown Hudgins just doesn't look the same.

In spite of valiant efforts to save the facade of Donk's Theater,
 at the end of the day, she was a total loss.

Mathews County doesn't usually support, encourage or tolerate change much.

The upheaval in the landscape of downtown Hudgins is very disturbing and quite unsettling.

While we struggle with the sadness of what is lost, we are hopeful for something new.