Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Public Landing

These were taken from one of my favorite public landings in the county, near Bethel Beach where I sometimes park to go for a six-mile run.  I haven't been doing many six-mile runs lately, and it shows that needs to change, especially since Baby Sis and I intend to run a couple of half marathons this fall.

Today I accompanied Daughter to the last high school open house I'll ever attend.  Checkbook clutched, I paid the various fees and ambled numbly through the halls of Mathews High School, barely able to believe the little girl I just dropped off at preschool is now a senior in high school.

It's also hard to believe that the last major weekend of summer is upon us.

Time continues to fly by.  I am doing my best to keep up.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sea Farms

Last week my parents took me over to the old ice plant to procure seafood for an upcoming family gathering.

Going to the ice plant, now known as Sea Farms, is somewhat of a walk down Memory Lane for my father, who worked here briefly as a teenager.

My father has a good rapport with the owner and the folks who work there, and it was nice to see him so animated and happy on our visit.  He's been mourning the loss of his good friend and our neighbor Sidney.

We bought some tuna and several pounds of Carolina shrimp and happily made our way back outside.

(My mother was so giddy, she broke out into spontaneous dance even.  Evidently fresh seafood has deep, positive, uncontrollable effects on this family. Regrettably, my camera was not poised to capture her impressive, music-less moves.)

It was a very successful trip.

I'm looking forward to the next visit.