Monday, November 13, 2017

Iris and Lenja

About a week ago, my college friends Iris and Lenja came to Mathews for a visit.

We met at UVA in August 1982, which astonishingly means we've been friends for over 35 years.

(Thirty five years?  How is that even possible?)

Lenja (pronounced Len'-ya, rhymes with Kenya) lives in Cambridge, England, 
and Iris lives in McLean, Virginia.

During their visit we went to Bethel Beach and later had lunch in the Court House at Southwind.

It was warm enough to sit outside.

It was a wonderful visit.  We're already planning our next reunion, which may include a hiking trip through Portugal--once I'm done with my chemotherapy treatments next year.

Speaking of chemo, it's going reasonably well.  I've had two treatments thus far (one every two weeks) representing one complete cycle.  I'll need five more cycles, meaning I should be done in April.  Aside from some exhaustion, I really can't complain at all.  My white blood cell counts are very low, though, which just means I am more prone to infections and have to take precautions.  I'm supposed to steer clear of crowds and sick people and wash my hands frequently. 

Staying away from crowds is thankfully not a problem here in Mathews. 

Not a problem at all.

I hope all is well in your world.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Then and Now

These were taken five years ago.

October 2012. 

Three years before my car accident.

And five years before being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, also known as Hodgkin's disease.

I know I didn't have cancer two years ago because courtesy of my car accident--which included my very first helicopter ride-- I learned then that I only had some broken ribs and a punctured lung.  They did every test known to man to be sure they knew what they were dealing with.  

But my PET scan this week revealed I have cancerous lymph nodes in my neck and near my lungs, spleen, liver and pancreas.  So between October 2015 and now some stuff was going on.  Where stuff equals Life Stress and obviously something else that triggered cancerous growth.

This week I start chemotherapy, which I confess I am dreading.  It will last six months.  The particular chemo cocktail for Hodgkins is ABVD.  Google it.  Or don't.  Halloween is just around the corner, there is no reason to seek out additional things to be afraid of.

I'm relishing these last few days of being CBW before chemo.  Also, my father is home from the hospital and was tinkering around the barn today.  That in and of itself is a miracle.

Life is good.  

If not great.