Monday, February 29, 2016


The public landing at the end of Route 611 in Onemo is probably my favorite.  

Last weekend I stopped in to say hello 
and noticed a very-clearly disgruntled heron fly off as I pulled up.

He didn't go very far, although I didn't know that 
until I used the zoom on my camera and discovered him 
eyeballing me from the end of the dock.

From a distance, he blended in quite well with his surroundings.

But zooming in, I caught him giving me the old stink eye.

The hairy eyeball.

(As only a heron can give.)

I had invaded his territory, and he was giving me 
the what for with his body language.

Here, he was basically telling me he was way taller than me.  

(I didn't argue.)

(I've learned over the years, it's futile arguing with herons.)

Then, when he realized I wasn't there to encroach any further,

nor was I disputing anything he was trying to tell me,

he finally

allowed himself

to relax.

I love herons.

And I thank this one for allowing me to invade his turf for a few minutes.

Happy February 29.

1 comment:

Meg McCormick said...

That's too funny, with the neck! It's good you speak their language. Otherwise who knows what would've happened.