Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Queens Creek

One early morning here recently, a mist was rolling off the creek as the sun peeked first timidly and then more confidently through the thin layer of clouds.

(I wish I could say which morning this was, but they're all blurring together at this point.)

Off in the distance, someone was tending to his crab pots.

We're fast approaching my favorite month of the year, May.  I love May because everything that was dead and dull is green and alive.  The heat, humidity and killer, mutant ants and mosquitoes pesky insects have not yet descended.

I've had no time to report all the major happenings around here--and there is so much to report!

For now, just know we're still here, still enjoying early morning sunrises and always grateful for this beautiful place in which we live.

~  ~  ~

Baby Sis and I are headed to Nashville to run walk another half marathon and visit our good friend Lauren. Assuming I survive 13.1 miles that I haven't prepared for, I hope to resume blogging here within the next week or so, give or take.  


Robert Julian Braxton said...

enjoy Nashville

thomas said...

Boat pictures are good.

Dghawk said...

I love the water in the early morning. Think I hear a Heron squawking in the distance. So peaceful.

Have fun!

Daryl said...