Monday, August 7, 2017


Middle Sister

I'm only a month late, but here are more photos from our July 4 
clamming expedition on the East River.


Middle Sister and her fabulously wonderful boyfriend Ronnie did all the hard work of raking for clams while I took on the arduous task of supervising from the comfort of the boat.

If you've never been clamming before--and I hadn't--you pull the rakes through the mud and sand until something bites your ankle you hear something hard hit the rake.

Then you carefully pull the rake up and toss the tasty morsel into this ingenious contraption of a basket that floats courtesy of an inner tube.

Although I forget exactly how many we they caught, there was enough for several dinners.

And they were gooooooooooood.

There are several very serious reasons why I've been negligent in  every aspect of my life my blogging duties.  My mother was hospitalized for a week for a-fib.  They finally sent her home and she's resting until she can get back to see her specialist in a few weeks.  In the interim, a 3-hour surgery for my father ended up being 8 hours when the surgeon nicked his kidney and a vein, causing massive bleeding.  After being hospitalized for a week and then sent to a rehabilitation facility, he had to return to the hospital for a second surgery in the same place due to massive infection.  Right now, my sisters and I are taking turns spending the days and nights with him, because the staff in charge of his care at the hospital can't seem to keep the story straight, there are so many things to monitor.  His hospital is an hour away, so juggling regular duties, work and his caretaking have been a challenge to say the least.

Right now, he's supposed to be in the hospital for several more days before returning to the rehab facility in Gloucester for several weeks.  He's less than happy about this, so in addition to worrying about his physical state, we have to be strong and positive for him.

Hopefully he'll start to get stronger soon, but in the mean time I'll likely be absent from here until some aspect of life returns to quasi-normal.

I hope all is well in your world.



Lissa said...

I had previously heard that said surgeon had nicked a vein, but his kidney, ALSO ?? Sure these things can happen from time to time, but really ?? On a man in his 75th year? Grrrr.... I am not the most understanding of medical errors and cut the pros very little slack, I am afraid. I am again, so very sorry with all the things your mom dad, and wonderful support family who are going through these challenges.
Since your mom is experiencing cardiac problems, that may be additional consideration that your dad can be convalescing and hopefully better monitored in Gloucester facility, so your mom is not worrying about a new infection cropping up.
I sympathize, with all the things my family went through when my 93 year old dad was hospitalized with a broken hip, and fell from his bed at the convalescent facility and had to return to the hospital....trying and tender times in life...
CB fam in my thoughts ___ LLC

Anonymous said...

Prayers for both your mom and dad. And some for you and your sisters as well. Take care.

"cousin" Marti

Robert Julian Braxton said...

Very soon age 73 and this encourages me to be very careful of any surgery.