Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Building

This structure was either a school or a church, and at one point here recently I could tell you which one, but welcome to yet another fact-filled post written by Chesafreak Bay Woman, who can barely remember her own name.

Perhaps one or more of our local readers will help fill the gaping holes in the sieve known as my mind, but first a little background on this structure's location and how the photo came about.

Coming from the Court House past Moon, you eventually come to a T in the road.

(If anyone reading this is not from Mathews, please note that no errors were made in the construction of that sentence, particularly the parts that say "Court House" and "Moon" because they are actual places here. Although there may well be other errors in the sentence, those two words are correct.)

Anyway, at the T past Moon, make a left, and just before you bear right to head in the direction of Siberia and also the Eastern Shore Haven Beach there's an old building on your left sitting next to a house. This is the building.

Now I've passed this place eleventy scrillion times going to and from the county beaches. But on this particular day, what caught my eye was the open door. Each and every one of the previous eleventy scrillion times, the door has been shut.

From the car, stopped in the middle of the road, I rolled down the window and took this shot, hence the pine limb obstructing the full view of the facade which might have been avoided had I been able to go into the yard for a better angle. Beggars can't be choosers.

Speaking of beggars, that door beckoned. It called my name.

Today it gives me great joy to announce two things:

1. I did not risk breaking the law to dash into the building above no matter how much it called, and for the moment we will not dwell on the legality of taking pictures from a car stopped in the middle of a road. Thank you.

2. Today I will be legally trespassing on a Gwynns Island property--the very same house where I was officially nabbed for trespassing a year or so ago--at Miss Pookie's grandfather's house.

Pookie and Mathews Mark will be on hand to tell stories and provide some hysterical historical background, and I can take pictures inside the house without risk of spending quality time in the Saluda jail.

Stay tuned. Pictures and stories will be forthcoming and nary a one will be from Saluda. The good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

Click here for a picture of the house and the original trespassing story.


Mathews Mark said...

CBW I am not sure about this out building. I will ask the 505 club,and after two days of arguments and fighting (like old women uur, men do)I am sure they will come up with the right answer. Harley Bill if you read this help Me out here!\\\\\\\\\\505: A group of working and retired business men and women that meet at the local watering hole 5 minutes after they get off. We talk about everything and everybody .A better group of friend you will never find. With in the group are some of the best county historians around BUT boy do they love to argue! MM

Mathews Mark said...

The question for the day (before CBW boots me off); Was your first love TRUE OR BLUE ? Please comment, I have nothing else to do but read blogs until 1pm. (right) lol MM

ghostless said...

Even though this is CBW's blog, I will answer MM's question because I appreciate his recent topics. MM, my first love was Blue, I usually don't talk about this but now I will throw it out here on the web. He was my teenage sweetheart that I married, and I was sent to the ER 3 times because of his beatings...back in thoses days, as I was told by a police officer, as long as your his wife...he can beat have to divorce him....3rd time, when he strangled me, was a charm... I left. Actually, I went from being a naive young woman to the strong crusty old in your face person I am today!!! ( took a bit of counseling and prayer to do it though)
wv: light, my true love, my current husband!!

Mrs F with 4 said...

CBW, how did you resist a quick trip across the road for a tiny peek though the door? Were you duct-taped to your seat?

wv: pryer... NO! CBW is NOT a pryer, she is just very interested in the minutae of life. Especially off-limits buildings

Anonymous said...

the building in question is the old "Haven [Beach?] School"

Mathews Mark said...

conlaGhostless: hope I did not bring up old wounds. I am proud to say I have never laid a hand on a women. My Mom God bless, here in stilled that into my brothers and I When we were young. I was taught to respect all women. You are correct this is CBW blog and some times I get carried away with my comments but (thanks to my MOM) I am a big enough man to admit when I am wrong.I know some of my comments were out of line and for that I sincerely apologize. It sound like you have found the right guy. No women should have to endure beatings by the hand of a person they love NO ONE. Back in the day, (way back) I assisted a friend with teaching self defense at a batter womens shelter. It really got to me. I could not do it for long. hope you and your Man have a wonderful weekend. MM

Mathews Mark said...

sorry don't no were the conla came from trying to do better with my spelling. LOL MM

Grandma J said...

I think you should make a list of all the places that you hesitate to trespass, like this cute church/school. Then, at Blog Fest we can descend on them as a group. Yeah, there's strength in numbers, and more fodder for the local police..I mean newspaper.

I can't wait to see the pictures you take today.

MM, my first love was both TRUE and BLUE.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hooray - Haven Beach School. It did scream out school to me, but I could have sworn I saw it referenced somewhere as a church. Good - thank you Anonymous.

Mathews Mark-Make sure the 505 Club discusses this at the next meeting. Now regarding your question, it all depends on the definition of first love. In second grade I thought I loved a boy, so I chased him and threw him on the ground and kissed his neck. No, that wasn't true love although it did eerily set the tone for the future. If it's the first person I ever dated for any length of time, I'd say true.

ghostless-What an awful way to start off life as a young adult. AT least you were strong enough to take action. Even better, you're with someone who is good to you right now. Not everyone can say that.

Mrs.F- the only thing that stopped me was the lack of place to park other than the middle of the road, and I was already sweating just being stopped to take a picture because the road is very, very narrow and one car coming either ahead or behind me would have meant I was caught. Or in an accident.

Anonymous - thanks again. If you know anything about it, maybe you could leave another comment.

Mathews Mark (and anyone else) - I love reading the comments, I love the banter back and forth, you never have to apologize- that's what this is here for. It's nice having someone who knows some history - and/or who has access to people who know the history--and who has stories.

Grandma J.-That would be a mighty long list, but your approach is brilliant. Safety in numbers, maybe that should go on the official Blog Fest T-shirt? (Hijinx on the front, and Safety in Numbers on the back.) Good luck to your granddaughter in her first meet today - wish I could be there to cheer her on.

Can't wait for the episode of Legally Trespassing.

Have a great Saturday.

Country Girl said...

Morning, CBW. I'm putting off cleaning the best way I know how. It's a chilly day here in Maryland but the coffee's hot so all is well.

MM, my first love was true. And that's all I have to say about that. Have a great day and keep warm.

Anonymous said...

it may have been called "Milford Haven School"...there are photos of "Milford Haven School" if you go to Google Books and search under "Milford Haven School" Mathews County...looks like it had at least one more room at the time of the photos in the book (1914?) if it's the same school...I was married at Stoakes Creek farm and have a place out near Haven Beach now...I've just always been told the building in your photo was "Haven School"...there may have been a photo of it in the Gazette some years ago.


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

ChesaFREAK Bay Woman? *snort!* You crack me up.

My first love? Well, my first REAL boyfriend turned out to be kinda blue, actually. Wish I hadn't spent all of my college years trying to make it work (we were in different parts of the state). But my current love? True, true, true.

I think MM and the 505s and anyone else who knows the history of your fine region should really get it all written down so that you can pass it along to the next generations.

Ann Marie said...

For once in my life...
Just this once..
listen really close cause it is just this once..

Haven't a damn clue what that is.

Ann Marie said...

first love... wow.. MM thanks.. seriously.. next time would you PLEASE bring me a box of tissues before requesting such things. And a bottle of wine.. those are nice too.

First love... was it true or blue...
Is it possible to say both?
I am married to him. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

in the Daily Press there was an obituary 10-30-09 re Anne V. Davis, a Mathews school teacher who "began her career at the Old Haven School House"...obit also appears in the Virginia Obituaries blogspot...pretty sure your photo is the Haven School House.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous - Thank you so much for that information - it's invaluable.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Country Girl-Sure do wish you'd come here and do my house. I'm doing everything but what needs to be done.

Meg-That name came to me in a moment of clarity last night as I wearily typed this post at the 11th hour. It's very appropriate.

AM-Not a single clue? I'm stunned.

Off to Gwynn's Island now, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

you are welcome...I read your blog almost every day and often use your photos as my computer wallpaper, both at home and at work...this is the first time that I felt I had anything to the way, remember "Jack" who won your essay contest with his story about leaving bluefish in a boat overnight?...he mentioned a friend's wedding in that story...that was mine at Stoakes Farm in March 1977...we just called the old place "Moon" it's called "Watcombe Manor"

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous - I definitely remember Jack from the contest and the wedding he referenced. His story about the stinky fish was great. I also know I've seen a sign for Watcombe Manor somewhere or another.

Thanks again so much for contributing and feel free to join in any time. The more the merrier and it's especially nice when someone has some history or background on these things photographs.

Speaking of photos, oh, what an afternoon I've had over on the island. I have enough pictures and stories to last through December. Ms. Pookie is a gem and her family's history is incredible. Mathews Mark was a wonderful tour guide through the old house.

Can't wait to upload the photos, but guess I'll have to since it takes so long on dialup internet.

Hopefully I'll have a few up in the next day or so. Stay tuned.

Jamie said...

I love reading this blog because when you say things like Court House, Moon and T in the road I know exactly where you are talking about... I would be a bad influence as the open door would have pulled me in and I would have been all over that school building with the justification that schools are government owned and as a taxpayer you are well within your rights to check it out.
MM- first love... true or blue... as a tragic romantic personality they are all blue... but seriously, my first 2 really "I love this guy" romances- blue, broke ones heart being 18 and stupid and the other broke mine... now off to write some maudlin poetry about it

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said... should gone in. i know i would have =)