Monday, December 2, 2013


This old lady sits quietly in what might be called the boat graveyard of J&M Marina in Deltaville.

There are plenty of fully functioning, floating boats at this marina, 
but I happen to love this section the best.

And this boat in particular.

This bird was watching my every move.  She evidently likes the boat as much as I do.

The flurry of Thanksgiving is over, and now we're plunged head first into the frenzy of Christmas.  All this comes at the time of year when my energy is zapped, and my desire to do anything or go anywhere sinks to an all-time low.

Never mind.

Basketball officially starts this week with an away game tonight at Northumberland.  I will drive the hour to work in the dark, put in my day there, and race the I Don't Know How Many Miles after work to see the game, then drive the hour or so back home in the dark.  There is another away game on Wednesday and a home game Friday night.  Somewhere in between, I have to take Daughter to town (an hour away) to shop for a dress for the upcoming Holly Ball.  Son is frantically applying to colleges, and I must try to figure out when I am setting up the Monster Tree that, along with all the decorations, must be hauled from the depths of the cold, dark basement.

Anyway, it's going to be a very hectic month. I just want to sleep.

Hope your December is off to a better start.


thomas said...

Wonderful old boat !

LindaP said...

Love that 6th photo, shot over the stern with rope & faded blue paint. Love the perspective!

Bill said...

I know exactly where that boat is! I walked around it, looking at it just as you did, about 3 years ago, thinking it was such a shame that someone left it to rot like that. Too far gone to save, but I would love to take the lines off her and build a replica. Really neat little boat.

If you look at the other side of the same yard, you will see her successor. Note that she is named something like "Royal Crown," if I recall right? On the other side of that same graveyard is a big, old Chris Craft, also falling apart, named "Royal Crown II", again, if I recall right. I put those together and made up a story in my head of the owner, who I'm sure likely is long since dead. But it would appear that he had that first little woodie, and then over the years, upgraded to the big old Chris Craft - and then both of them ended up sitting in that yard, abandoned, until the elements took their toll.

Dghawk said...

Poor boat. After we sold our boat, the "Hawk's Nest", the guy who bought her let her rot and sink in the slip. They hauled her out to the graveyard where she sat for a few years then they striped her down and burned her. That was a really sad day. I loved that boat. But like they say, "A boat is a hole in the water surrounded by wood into which one pours money."

Anonymous said...

CBW--what do you think is the name of that awesome boat ? I adore it, too.
I am guilty of Doing Everything Myself at home, even with 2 strapping sons, but I hope you will consider letting your adult-sized, athletic children make their own foray to the basement depths to bring up the tree and its accoutrements...they can hone creative skills too by decorating the tree, while you nap. After that--they can serve you cocoa (or wine) on a bed tray. Tell them it is my suggestion...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bill, stay tuned, there are more pictures from this graveyard coming tomorrow if I have time to load the photos.

LLC-I think Bill is right - "Crown" is in the name and Royal Crown is probably right. I think I also see "Richmond, VA" but my old eyes can't make out much more.