Friday, April 25, 2014


And we're off.

Baby Sis and I are headed on our mini-vacation (if you call crawling jogging through the streets of Nashville in 80-degree weather a vacation--and we do).

This blog will resume its regularly scheduled silliness at some point next week.

I hope to have many stories to share if I survive when I return.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Anonymous said...

Buena Suerte.... and to us fans, you two have already won, just by making the attempt. I myself, have never been known to say that I am training for a marathon or race.
In point of fact, long ago as an eighth grader, I decide that P.E. was a useless and stupid class, and I no longer wanted to participate. We were to run around the track, and I apparently ticked off the teacher, who made me run around the track in my black wool jumper (my having forgotten to bring my P.E. clothes did not phase her.) She stayed at the track after my class left,as it took me 20 minutes to agonizingly amble round and round the track. Attempts at rebellion were futile that day. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to your reports.

Dghawk said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Don't worry about the race, just have FUN! I'll be thinking of you while at work tomorrow. This overtime stuff is really getting old. Great for the purse, but the ole bod can't take it like she used to.

Loved your pictures.

Annie said...

Wow. That moon, CBW. Fantastic.

Look forward to hearing news of the race. Hope it went well/was fun. I am sure it did/it was.

Mental P Mama said...

Missing you already, and planning next year's events!

Julie said...

Gorgeous photos! Have fun!