Friday, April 4, 2014


These beautiful old windows belong to the barn and shed at Beachland.


I've had an extraordinarily busy and unusual couple of weeks, and it appears the month of April does not intend to  ease up.  If there is anyone left reading after so much negligence on this blogger's part, 
just know I haven't given up entirely and hope to refocus my efforts here soon.  
Things have just been coming at me too fast lately. 

Anyway, I hope the two few of you I've not chased off yet are doing well.


Have a great weekend.


Annie said...

Aw, thanks CBW. I am sure I'll have a great w'e despite having a fresh cold. The baby is being baptized which means that I get to see some long lost relatives I don't see often enough!

Thinking of you too. Hope April becomes a little more controllable. I can understand times when life rolls along at you like that.

Hope you have a relaxed w'e. As much as you are able.

Betsy Keogan said...

Your readers are still here, waiting patiently. Popping in here to see what's new is a hard habit to break, even if nothing is new for awhile. So go do all those things and don't feel bad even for a moment that you haven't had time to post for a few days. Life gets busy, take your time enjoying it and get back to us when you can. Betsy

Dghawk said...

I'm not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I check as a matter of routine,as in a habitual pleasure. Always love to see what you are up to, but what human can blog 365 days of the year, especially given the extra long days you often have. Blow me away that many times you post after midnight; my brain would be deep-fried and my eyes would be shot !

Meg McCormick said...

I like the window pane with the spiderweb crack. That's kinda how I feel these days... intact, but a little cracked.

Julie said...

The pictures are fantastic. I love taking pictures of windows on abandoned structures. Each one is an interesting photo on its own.

Jackie Grigg said...

Hello from a newbie to your blog...I stumbled across you by chance whilst browsing through Chronicles of a Country Girl your photos...they make me want to go aaaahhhh....!