Sunday, August 23, 2015

Great and Grateful

This recent Queens Creek sunrise was not just great, it was glorious.  I only usually catch them, the sunrises, on my way out the door for work.  The sunsets have been equally spectacular, but since I face east and my westward-facing yard is full of trees, I rely on my local Facebook friends to post pictures of those.  Which is how I know they've been grand. The sunsets.

As usual, there is a lot to report but no time to do so.  On the heels of our neighbor's passing, there has been more sad news.  A Mathews family very near and dear to us is suffering the untimely loss of a son/grandson/nephew. It's heartbreaking.

Only two weeks sit between now and Daughter's return to her last year of high school.

It wasn't that long ago that we were dropping her off at preschool, where she never uttered a single word unless the teacher called on her.  These days, she's still quiet for the most part, unless she's asked a question.  Her favorite topics include her wonderful job at Merroir  or the latest and greatest with her friends.

I'm just grateful and honored to be her mother.

Very, very grateful.


Robert Julian Braxton said...

Cherish the remaining high school year (I know you do). For myself, personally, not all that many years ago senior year 1961-1962 (and SAT). Just returned from two-week Kenya (church mission work camp, Njoro) after which I typed the two (consecutive) hand-written journals and made 77 typewritten pages (in all your spare time, welcome to read - on the computer screen - email attachment, with permission). This blog (the boat - looks like it might cost a lot more than a house!):

Anonymous said...

Your supportive thoughts are appreciated.

Meg McCormick said...

She's a special girl! Like you, my second is beginning his senior year. Not sure what happened; I've got to stop blinking.