Friday, April 29, 2011


Field of buttercups on the way to Haven Beach

Thursday's weather was odd.

We awoke to tornado watches. Throughout the day, the wind whipped and disasters loomed clouds threatened.  After delivering children to their various destinations and before starting my work for the day, I decided to go for a jog down Haven Beach.

There I parked my car and trotted off down the gravel road that leads right into a well-known haunted woods away from the water directly into a wooded swamp.  My brief, two-mile jog included an unexpected upper body workout from swatting the first May flies* of the season. In addition to the physical struggle, there was also a very loud, very serious internal debate as to what on Earth would have compelled me to select a haunted, humid, insect-ridden woods on a stormy day as an ideal place to exercise.

With no acceptable answer to that question, I decided to salvage the trip by taking some pictures after my run from the flies was over.

These haven't been altered in any way and were all taken using the "auto" setting on the camera. There was a direct correlation between color (or lack thereof) and whether the camera was pointed east or west.

The field of buttercups (above) is on the left just before you turn down the long gravel lane which winds to Haven.

The foreboding shot above was taken from the parking lot.  The bay is tucked securely  in between that bed of sand and that great big wall of sky.

Yet, just behind me, towards the haunted swamp marsh, the grass was all happy and green, as if nothing ominous was going on at all.

This one below might be my favorite simply because of the ever so subtle hint of color in that upper right patch of sky.

It's sort of a melding of the vivid color that was behind me and the dreary drab that was in front of me. A sign of hope. Or perhaps a signal that life is not all darkness and drab, nor is it all vivid green and yellow buttercups.

It's a blending of the two.

Here's to a weekend with more green grass and buttercups than storm clouds and dive-bombing insects.

*A quick Google searched yielded no (!) results for the May fly of which I speak.  There is a "mayfly," evidently some gentle sort of insect who wouldn't dream of dive bombing an innocent jogger and who is kind to puppies and such, but that is not the May fly I'm talking about.  No, these are flies shaped like a stealth bomber, light brown, short-winged, fire-breathing-dragon sorts with teeth and jaws that snap quicker than an alligator. What they love more than biting, however, is flying kamikaze style around your head until you're so dizzy and out of breath from stomping and swatting you can't see straight, and anyone witnessing the encounter thinks you're having a conniption or a hissy fit. 

(That's because you are having a conniption or hissy fit.)


deborah said...

Wonderful photos.
Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing weekend with nice weather!
My mind has turned to mush. Pure mush, I say, and I can't think of anything meaningful or clever to say here...

Grandma J said...

Oh I love Buttercups. My grandmother and I used to pick them and place them under our chin to predict our love of butter. Sounds crazy huh?

I hope your weekend is full of buttercups and blue skies.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I am probably the only person who thinks it's perfectly normal to choose a haunted woods on a stormy day as my path of excercise. Then again I've spent the night in a haunted prison, camped at a UFO Ranch and trespassed in adandoned insane asylums.... I guess that makes me colorful (or crazy)

Daryl said...

I think I will leave all the swatting and sweating to you .. I'll wait here in the flying bug free zone .. wishing you a good weather weekend!

Maria_NJ said...

Oh I hate to tell you how dawg-gon lovely it is out there today...but yesterday was horrible, on and off storms...but my daughters confirmation ceremony was lovely...
Wishing you a peaceful weekend...

wv:tingest: I think the jerzee green head flies tingest is the worsest

Kay L. Davies said...

Worst we have here today is drizzle but, being Alberta, it could turn to snow at any moment.
Those flies sound dreadful. I hope you find out what they are.
Buttercups, however, are among my Very Favorites! I love them!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Damn a mayfly! They have found there way to my garden so I guess I will be having a summer full of hissy fits! Enjoy your weekend!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

What a strange weather day indeed! It became lovely by mid-afternoon but the morning was insane! Today it's low humidity, breezy and cooler - a nice change from the recent opressive tropical days, uncharacteristic of April.

Bethie said...

Love me some haunted woods!

Country Girl said...

They're not deer flies, right? Because the way you're describing them, it sure sounds like it.

Missed you while I was away. I see I have some catching up to do here ~