Monday, April 25, 2011


The lot adjacent to Moughons in Mathews Court House

Yesterday was a glorious, wondrous and simultaneously industrious day.

That's a lot of "ous" packed into one sentence day. 

I awoke to the glory of a bright, warm, sunny day but knew I could not tarry, because Easter Sunday would be the perfect opportunity to take photographs of the Court House area without traffic. So out of bed I leapt and up the road I went to take pictures like the one above.

The one above certainly does not look as though it would be a Court House or village scene.  That's because the building which once stood here was razed a long time ago.  My job for the book I'm working on is simply to record things as they are today and juxtapose them with photos of the way they were then.  Then there was a building.  Now, there's No Trespassing signs and buttercups.  And empty space.

After snapping about 30 photographs in downtown Mathews, I grabbed a cup of coffee and drove over to Gwynn's Island.  Last year I spent Easter Sunday at a sunrise service over there.  This year I held my own service from a beach chair overlooking the mouth of the Piankatank River.  After spilling most of my coffee in my lap listening to the choir of the wind and the waves, I went home to get changed for yet another adventure.

View from Gwynn's Island

This next adventure involved photographing a place which belongs to my friend Alda's husband's family. Or the husband of my friend Alda's family.  Or a family somehow connected to my friend who is named Alda.


 It's a beautiful old farm that lives quietly off the road leading from Mathews to Glenns.

A car load of bloggers at last year's Blog Fest will recognize this as the place we were forced to make a quick pit stop when one in our midst had an emergency that needed immediate attention. A cornfield was involved.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Moving right along...

There are acres upon acres of fields and woods just waiting to be savored on this particular piece of property.

The day was so warm and wonderful, I couldn't help myself.

I had to get down in it and do as it was beseeching me to do: savor it. My Vitamin D deprived system forced me to wallow bask in all the sunlight and greenery and fresh air and buttercups.

All this happened before 11:00 yesterday morning.

The rest of the day involved grass cutting; supper cooking; bill paying; laundry doing; dish washing; weed pulling; animal feeding; hammock testing, calendar checking; and book organizing, among many other things.

In short, Easter Sunday was one of the longest days in recent history. The best part was lying in the field above, with the rest of the day ahead of me and not one bit of urgency to accomplish any of it.

What did you do yesterday?


Kate said...

Wow those are beautiful pictures.
Your job has turned you into an excellent photographer!
Just a random funny test thought of sharing -
What's Your Camera IQ?
Buying a camera? Then this test is a must!

Maria_NJ said...

I worked...from 6am till 2pm, then came home and napped for an hour or so, than cooked dinner for the family..

shorts, you have shorts on, it was nice here yesterday as well...

I wish gas wasn't so damn expensive, we are off in June and would have taken a drive down to VA to look around some...the pictures are so nice...

wv: wastor: looks like you didn't wastor any time yesterday...ya got er dun!!

deborah said...

What a wondrous day you had!
I cooked most of the day but I made time to sit on the porch between rain storms:)

Lovely photos! Enjoyed seeing water that isn't muddy...with all the rain, the cricks are muddy and just about to overflow their banks.

Kay L. Davies said...

I can well imagine a courthouse behind those two brick gateposts.
Buttercups...I love buttercups. I'm glad you had some time to lie down in a field of them, because the rest of your day is exhausting just to read about. (There's a sentence for you.)
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Daryl said...

I guess it was safe to lie in the grass there .. ahem .. and that place was just gorgeous, a photo op as well as a .. well lets just leave it at that .. sounds to me as if you had a fabulous weekend .. too bad its Monday .. GAH

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I celebrated the resurrection by singing at two church services, shared mimosas with neighbors while the kids searched for eggs in the yard, hauled a giant new area rug over from my neighbor's house to mine, where it will eventually cover our newly-refinished family room floor (and will be perfect with our new sofa AND IT'S FREE!!), watched one of our fire-weakened trees fall into our neighbor's brand-new fence, freaked out, cooked ham dinner, then collapsed from the lack of Sunday nap.

I'd rather have been communing with nature and fortifying my vitamin D stores... but it was a good day nevertheless.

foolery said...

Eggs. A buttload of eggs, in almost every form except creme brulee, which is the form I most desired then. Various dog-wrestling and lots of laundry. Yeah, Gwynn's Island called to me and it has a LOUD voice.

Happy Vitamin D!