Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Blooms

Before Saturday's showers swept through, I went out in the front yard and tried to photograph some of the trees that are blooming.  These first two turned out to be more of a showcase for the menacing skies than the dogwood blooms.

Below is the crab apple tree.  This tree is at least as old as I am, which means it's a museum piece which is old enough to receive notices for a 25th college reunion this summer.  When I was a kid and ran around the yard pretending to be a horse, I used to graze under this tree. There wasn't a whole lot to do around here, so my sisters and I spent a lot of time outdoors in the yard. Often our only source of entertainment was our imagination.

(Grazing, when you're a pre-teen human pretending to be a horse, meant picking up your right-front-pretend- hoof and pulling the grass.  Only on rare occasions did it mean actually eating the grass, for goodness sakes.  Let's return to the topic at hand now, shall we, which has nothing to do with eating clover galloping around the yard on all fours like some freak of nature.Or college reunions, for that matter.)

The shrub below is something my father planted in more recent years.  My mother says she doesn't know what it is.  But it is very beautiful when it blooms each spring.

(Do not adjust your dials.  The picture is out of focus. Try squinting and closing one eye, it may help.)

Last but not least is the blooming cedar tree.

This particular tree has been in bloom since December 2009, which, coincidentally, was the last time I put up outdoor Christmas decorations.

The End.

p.s. Click here for a link to that nightmare of a story which provides a few clues as to why two Christmases have passed without any sense of urgency from within the Chesapeake Bay household to put up outdoor Christmas lights.  Ever.  Again.

Click here for a link to yet another Christmas decorating fiasco.

I could keep going but will stop since it's not Christmas I think you get the picture.


Bethie said...

Okay, I can do you one better on the Christmas tree. Let's see, I have a pine tree in my front yard that my dad put light on the lower half about 1991. He died in 1996. If you go and look up you can still see bits and pieces of wire/lights way up there. It actually holds a special place in my heart because it makes me laugh. No one even would notice the old things unless you were looking for them.

Maria_NJ said...

CBW you certainly have a way with words...

Is that plant a bleeding heart?

Loved the story about your mom...

I know about fuzzy pictures too! LOL

wv: scrab: tomorrow on my day off I am going to scrab my upstairs bathroom before the health department closes it down!

deborah said...

I squinted, it is indeed pretty!

wv: cavasubu It might be a cavasubu tree?

Grandma J said...

You tell a story like no one else!! I miss your mom, and her stories.

Daryl said...

You were correct, if I closed my left eye and squinted the right it focused!

I think your lack of stimulation aside from your imaginations are the reason you are so fabulous a writer now!

WV drysphi ... she's gonna drysphi which might hurt but she's stubborn

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I squinted too! Not a bad shot at all!

Mental P Mama said...

I actually squinted and closed one eye.

Anonymous said...

Falling off the Blog Cabin log again.... OMG--just linked onto your Fabulous 19 Step Guide for Xmas decorating. My kids have to read this sometime--they will SWEAR you were spying on my past attempts to put up seasonal decorations, amid my ever present clouds of profanity. I do not know how you manage to cover highlights(?) of my existence, but we may be Twins of Misfortune who live parallel experiences(only I have no sense of humor whatsoever) I am afraid there is also no money in that, either.