Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Sports

These three have been playing offense together since they were five years old.
l to r: Mark, Marshall and Maria aka Chesapeake Bay Daughter
(also known as M, M & M, or the Triangle of Awesomeness)

Today I'm sharing a few photos from the fall sports season.

Chesapeake Bay Daughter has been playing soccer for Ware Academy in Gloucester.

The last game of the season was last week, when there was double overtime and a shootout.  For the first time ever, CB  Daughter was selected to be one of the kickers in the shootout.

This is her warming up at another game, but she booted it
very similar to this during that critical shootout.

She made her shot which contributed to them winning the game.  It was an incredible game, and a great way to end the season.  I, on the other hand, had a sore throat the next day, from all the screaming...

Chesapeake Bay Son has been running cross country lo these many months.  Practice started in the heat of August, and they've run through thunderstorms and horizontal rain.

The regional meet is this Thursday in Williamsburg.

The state meet is a week from Saturday at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia. And then cross country is over.

CB Son will probably take the winter off (unless there's something I don't know about, and there usually sometimes is...) and will take up another sport in the spring.

 Chesapeake Bay Daughter, however, moves directly into basketball season next week.

 My poor throat.


Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful for both of them!
Basketball. Oh, yes, basketball. And I think there might be an overlap between high school football and high school basketball, meaning my husband won't be home, and he won't be out earning serious money, he'll be doing his part for the community by refereeing two, two, two sports by one (and one old guy, at that).
Really really going to work on him to get out to Virginia next year. Only problem will baseball. He/we always enjoy baseball games and I don't think baseball games like even the most well-behaved Golden Retrievers.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Anonymous said...

Those are exciting shots !! And CB daughter, performing so well under pressure--kudos! I love the close-up shot of CB son..learning tenacity and dedication, through any weather.
Luckily they have a great mom to drive them everywhere.

deborah said...

Exciting action shots!
You are a wonderful parent, going to every practice and game and enjoying their sports as much as they do.
Congratulations on their winning seasons! I just know your son's CC team will win them all with their dedication and determination.

Maria_NJ said...

nice pictures of the bambinos... congrats to Maria for helping win the game...

I know a nice little toddy recipe that would help with that throat...;^)

Deltaville Jamie said...

Congrats to them both! And I feel your "pain".... we just finished field hockey (sort of, have an all star thing next week) and began open gym for basketball right after.... but I love it.

Daryl said...


judi said...

great shots!! soccer and team sports moms rock!

Scott said...

Is Ware Academy where Norma Thomas was the principal? Memory cells are fading

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay-Hope you can make it out this way next year. Blog Fest, if we decide to hold it again, is usually in July...

LLC-Thank you, as always, for your kind words. Any news on the Blog Cabin winner? I've not been keeping up with the local news so haven't heard anything yet.

Deborah - Thank you! Although as I said in my email I hardly/rarely feel like a good parent, just a barely surviving one...

Maria - When you win the Blog Cabin and bring your Vietnamese spring roll skills to Mathews, you can share the toddy recipe too.

DJ-It's going to be a long winter...

Daryl & Judi - Thanks!

Scott-Yes! Ware used to be Gloucester Day School (my mother's old homeplace and grandmother's country store) and is indeed where Mrs. Thomas was the headmistress. She was my teacher for Virginia history, geography and a few other subjects. She also gave me horseback riding lessons. We run into her occasionally here in the county, often when she's doing work for the historical society. I have a picture of her, Mr. Thomas and my mother on Facebook in my Market Days album - check it out. (p.s. I hope to have a photo of your mother and Bill up on Friday. p.s.s. For anyone who is wondering, Scott's mother and my grandmother were sisters. Not sure what that makes us, cousins? But we're kin, for sure.)

Wednesday is almost over. The end of the week is in sight. Amen.

Thanks for commenting, I always love reading these.