Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things

Welcome to another Three Thing Thursday, where the goal is to share three thoughts no matter how trivial, mundane, germane, plain Jane or insane scatter brained.

Let's begin.

1.  Last night Chesapeake Bay Son was inducted into the local chapter of the National Beta Club during a ceremony which my parents and I attended.  As we were leaving, I told CB Son how proud I was of him and reminded him that he was carrying on a tradition since I was at one time the state Vice President of the Beta Club. (My duties and responsibilities included the following: Insert sound of crickets here. There were no duties and responsibilities other than to make one speech at the state convention.) Anyway, then CB Mother chimed in, "I was in the Beta Club too!"  Scrunching up his face, Chesapeake Bay Father said, "Hmmm. Well, I can't remember what club I was in." Translation:  He wasn't in the Beta Club, bless his heart.

2.  This weekend is the 54th Annual Oyster Festival in nearby Urbanna. Chesapeake Bay Daughter will be selling baked goods and hot chocolate as part of a school fundraiser.  I hope to be raising a beer at the firemen's dance in attendance at least for part of the festivities, just not sure when I'll get over there.

3. Click here or here or even here to read about past Oyster Festivities.

What's going on in your world?


Fighting Mermaid said...

1. Noah and I will be spending part of the weekend in a box. He isn't happy about that, but he has not questioned my mothering yet, so that is good.
2. While looking for showtimes to see a movie called The Way, I was reminded that I live in the boonies...movies, art, and food being compelling reasons for a return to city life ala Philadelphia.
3. I was greeted at work by a beautiful deer in the parking lot today... Beautiful beaches, funky old barns, friends, and family being compelling reasons to stay.

Anonymous said...

1. Relatives in N. N.J. still have power outage; 220 thousand homes in that state alone.
2. A mechanic looked at our '89 Taurus and told us he was ready to perform the Last Rites...oh well "ain't no thing".. as they say
3. Bloggers are houndin' and harrassin' on the Blog Cabin website, but last check no winner had been named.
4. Very proud of Occupy Wall Street Oakland, CA chapter--they shut down the Port of Oakland--with elders, teachers, families with kids in tow, people with doctorates who can't find work, etc.

Anonymous said...

Strike # 3-- a winner WAS announced; it was not Maria nor was it me, but I hope she gets to meet you someday!

deborah said...

1. Congratulations are in order for CBW's son! Third generation isn't too shabby:)
2. Do you have an oyster hat to wear to the oyster festival?
3. Nothing much going on here, just regular stuff like doctors appointments, walking the granddog and sewing.
Have a lovely weekend!

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I didn't win the blog cabin either. Poop.

2. I was in PsiBeta in college which is the psychology honors society. I've been contemplating finishing college.

3. Wish I was heading to the Oyster Festival with you!

Annie said...

1. The family arrived. Complete with a mountain of luggage, and a full complement of jet-lag for two adults and two small children. UGH.

2. We are at the beach while they recover and I get to babysit. Hooray. A fun time on the beach early this morning with the little grandson who had a ball with a blue boat on a string in the waves. Simple joys.

3. I get to drive back to the city for a doctor's appointment. Very exciting. not.

4.Sounds like your kids are following in your footsteps. Well done. Great to have fit healthy athletic kids.

Country Girl said...

1. Congratulations to your son for carrying on the family tradition.
2. My husband is making cookies, and he wrote a food list. You have no idea how happy this makes me.
3. Tomorrow I start back full time. I think I'm ok with that . . .

and i miss you.

Maria_NJ said...

1. Waaaaaaaaahhhh, yes its sad but true the winner is not moi!

2. I WILL get to VA some day with Vietnamese Spring Rolls in hand!!

3. CBW still looking for our retirement home. is Reedville nice?

Congrats to CBW son!!!

Daryl said...

WOOT for the 3rd generation ...

Another Oyster Fest I am going miss .. drat

and weekend here looks to be warm again .. but I am not complaining ..

Windsmurf said...

1. Well, I wasn't the winner of the Blog Cabin there in Mathews county, so another dream dashed.
2. To console myself on #1, I went looking at houses online in Mathews and across the bay on the Eastern shore. There are a lot, some very expensive but others not so bad - 2 years to retirement and I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up.
3. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so I'll try to get the lawn mowed and the garden cleaned out...or maybe I'll just relax and enjoy the last of the warm'ish weather.
Congratulations on CB son's induction into what seems to have become a family tradition (3 generations can qualify as tradition, right?).

Anonymous said...

I extend my condolences to deltaville jamie and to windsmurf also for not winning the Blog Cabin...well it warn't meant ta be...

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your son! Takes a lot of hard work to reach that goal, especially while being a student athlete. So hard to balance the practice, homework, down time!
By the way, tell Maria that Reedville (lived there for over 15 years) is nice and while I love living in Northumberland County, I would still choose Mathews in a minute!!!!

Maria_NJ said...

Thanx Trina for the info on Reedville...mind you we have a few years but we are always looking for that right house...