Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Things

My neighbor waving as he pulls his boat up Millers Cove.

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, which is sort of like a three ring circus of thoughts, particularly if it's pouring out of my brain the day of the week where we're encouraged to share at least three things, whether they are related, unrelated, important or trivial. In case you're wondering, there's nothing too trivial to share. In fact, that could be the tagline of my blog: Life in Mathews: Where It's All About The Trivial!

I'll go first with my three things.

1.  Actually, for every trivial or mundane thing I share on this blog, there are usually several Major Things going on in the background that I choose not to focus on or share here.  As a result, you hear stuff like "I wanna be a dancing oyster," or "Who's gonna take me to Bora Bora?" instead of the things causing me to rather be a dancing oyster in Bora Bora.  It's complicated, but just know that living in denial choosing to focus on the trivial things rather than the negative, in my opinion, is not just good, it's imperative to good mental health.

Warning: Taking mental health advice from CBW could be dangerous to your own mental health. 

2. In other news, I am very excited to report that I've been summoned to duty by the Meals on Wheels people here in the county.  Forever and a day I've been on the list of substitute drivers. (My schedule is completely insane anything but regular and very unpredictable, otherwise I'd be a regular vs substitute driver.)  When I first signed up I was called frequently.  But for about the past year now I've not heard from them, which is just as well since every spare minute of my time was eaten up by all the work on the book.  Well lo and behold I received a call over the weekend and will be driving the Mobjack route today.  This entails delivering food to elderly people who are otherwise incapable of leaving their house on their own, though it is as much a "checking in" with these folks as it is anything else.  I absolutely love doing this and am very much looking forward to seeing who is still alive since the last time I drove this route is on the route this year.

Continuing along with the fantasy of "What I'd Do If I Won the Lottery," aside from aspiring to be a dancing oyster or a crab-hat-wearing 5K runner, I'd be quite content being a full-time volunteer Meals on Wheels driver.

Click here for one of my Meals on Wheels stories from 2008.  I think it's worth the click and illustrates some of the many reasons I love being a Meals on Wheels substitute driver.

3.   The Mathews High School Cross Country teams travel to Great Meadow at The Plains this weekend to compete in the state cross country championship meet. Good luck, Mathews!

3b.  There's lots to say about the local elections yesterday, but for now all I will say is I went to the prom with our new sheriff.  (He was a junior; I was a sophomore; the year was 1890 or 1980--same difference.) I also went to a prom with one of our former deputies, but all this is a story for another blog day.

What's going on in your world?

This was taken from my back stoop.
Does anyone say stoop anymore?
Hello, CBW?  The year 1890 called.  It wants the word "stoop" back.


thomas said...

I wish I could see a deadrise boat in my back yard.
I envy you.

The meals on wheels job is a admirable task. I commend you.

deborah said...

I would love to see a boat in the water rather than the one just sitting in my brother's yard. He lives across the alley from me as does my mil & fil. Any thoughts you have about this situation are very kind:)

Serving as a driver for meals on wheels is such a rewarding job, and I'm sure each person you visit is thankful! Always ask a busy person, such as yourself, to do something like this and you will make the time. Kudos to you!

Good luck to the Cross Country team, hoping they win big!

Finally put together 72 very crooked blocks into what I lovingly call a quilt. Now to put borders on it and quilt it. Hubby is still in tremendous pain w/his back, so I'll work on the 'quilt' as I take care of him.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

CBW--when I was quite pregnant with second child, I worked in a similar program. I had a lady on my route who was the essence of joy; she greeted me at the door and said, "Where's my hug?" I always wanted to stay longer with her but I was delivering hot food. One man who was always depressed and laid with his room darkened, surprised me with a 10 dollar bill to buy my son a gift. The next week his landlord told me he'd passed away.
Another very independent man lived in a house with 30 cats. He was blind, and wore rubber boots since he had the floors covered with newspaper. I'd like to say that he had help, or managed to keep his home clean, but it was not habitable--being pregnant myself, it was too dangerous to enter the house again, because of cat droppings and the toxemia risk. I had to report him, and worried what became of him and all his cat children. Such a sweet man.
Your mention of the delivery program jogged my memories of 25 yrs. ago. I would love to be able to volunteer again someday.
Best of cross country luck...

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I have never dated any of our local law enforcement officers. Nor would I since I've decided to become asexual.
1b. There is a funny one liner referring to asexual reproduction, but this being a family blog I'll keep quiet and continue chuckling to myself.

2. Call me Cleopatra Queen of Denial.

3. I want to be a dancing oyster too as long as I'm dancing to James Brown. And wearing a crab hat and/or rubber ducky float.

Maria_NJ said...

The DH and I celebrated 29 years the other day, I think I'll keep him...

good luck to the team...

I told my DH that when I retire I am going to do something to keep myself busy, school lunch lady, school bus driver...or do some volunteering...I'll keep the meal on wheels to mind...

ahhhh to win the lottery, now that would be something, wouldn't it...

Daryl said...

I dont have 3 things .. but what the heck .. yours are far more entertaining .. and I still say stoop .. in NewYawk we must be in 1890 cause a lot of us say stoop...

Windsmurf said...

1. The pictures are great, how cool to have a boat passing that close to your back stoop, and to personnaly know the captains of those boats.
2. It is good there are folks like yourself who give some of their time to visit and help out people who can no longer totally make it on their own and have no family left nearby to love and cherish them in their later years.
3. Tomorrow's a Federal Holiday so wahooo! an extra day off. I have to hang around for the appliance repair man to show up and fix my oven - the electronic oven controls stopped controlling anything a few weeks back. It was ok because I just grilled a lot, but I couldn't figure out how to do my Thanksgiving cookies and pies on the grill, and I have company coming, so I have to get it fixed. But at least I don't have to take vacation time off at work to get it done. Have a great weekend everyone.

Fighting Mermaid said...

Hats off to helping meals on wheels! I don't know where you find the time. Noah does "sausage biscuits on feet" to help a rather gruff, but kind, neighbor in need. He pretty much lives off of these only isn't awake ever when you need to get them and deliver. He likes the ones from Hardees. Noah is always afraid to wake and face him, so he opens the door, slides the bag inside, and runs. I'm working on getting him to close the screen door gently...but it will never happen. :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Awww. Meals on Wheels. The thought breaks my heart. Five years ago, when our parents were first diagnosed with Alzheimer's, we tried moving them into an apartment across from a strip mall to see if they could be somewhat independent. I went out to the west coast to stay with them for the first week, to introduce them to the area, etc. When they wouldn't shop for anything but chocolate bars and donuts, we got Meals on Wheels to come after I left. They used to share one meal and freeze the second, every time. Then they'd eat donuts and chocolate bars.
Mom's been gone for four years now, and Dad for two. I still miss them both, but living with them for a week in my brother's house and then a week in the apartment was awful. They went from there to Assisted Living, which also didn't work, and then into a wonderful care home where loving people looked after them, and we all became regular visitors.
There. Your Meals on Wheels triggered me to say more than three things.
I'll be cheering for Mathews, CBW, you can be sure.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Mental P Mama said...

Wait. I saw porn instead of prom. Shoot me now.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know I have so much information for negotiation with our new principal law enforcement officer. He, being the one I discovered hiding in my roses one evening, unlawfully and all.

It does a heart good to know where the bodies are buried.

As one of your first dates, your father had a knee jerk hostility reaction, but he has forgotten all that.

Country Girl said...

I still say hooligan.

This is worse than stoop by a longshot.