Monday, May 23, 2011

Nothing Unusual Here

What a spectacular weekend this was.  The weather was perfect.

Clear, warm, not too hot, and breezy enough to keep the bugs at bay.

Most of my time was spent chasing Canada geese out of the back yard. The End.

Friday evening I went to Deltaville for the first time since the tornado. Even after all these weeks, the scene at Zoar church is a very vivid reminder of that storm's unbelievable strength.

Saturday was spent at the library doing research for the book.  Later that evening, I ran a 5K wearing a crab hat.

 Sunday, in addition to a very relaxing visit to Aaron's Beach where these shots were taken, I dragged a stinking snapping turtle out the middle of the road.

Just in case you were wondering, snapping turtles are very strong and very stubborn.  They do not like to be tampered with even (and perhaps especially) if you're trying to save them from becoming the next Turkey Buzzard Delight Early Bird Special at the Road Kill Cafe.

Plus, it is worth reiterating that they stink.

This one evidently had been hibernating  in swamp mud for decades months, making it even more stinky, more slippery and therefore nigh on impossible to drag out of the road.  Also, it stunk.  Stank.  Stunk.  Stinks.  Still.

I swear I can still smell that rank turtle stank on my hands.

(The impromptu lesson in the many tenses and variations of the word "stink" --up to and including its use as a noun in "turtle stank" --is now mercifully over.)

As I'm standing in the middle of the road wrestling a very unsanitary unhappy snapping turtle--as if I have nothing better to do--a lady pulls up, rolls down her window, and asks, "Are you trying to get him out of the road?"

To myself I answered, "Just out of curiosity, what else would I be doing, standing here in the middle of the road with this nasty, stinking turtle that would like nothing better than to snack on a few of my fingers? "

I didn't say that though.

Eventually I moved him to the shoulder and we all went our merry ways.

So, anyway, aside from chasing Canada geese; running a race wearing a crab hat; and going a few rounds with a stinkin' old snappin' turtle, it was just an ordinary weekend around these parts.

The End.

p.s. This blog has reached a new low when the focus is on dragging a snapping turtle out of the road will be slowing down over the next few weeks as I gear up for intense work on the book. This week's posts will be sporadic, and next week I'm taking a break from everything in order to focus on meeting my June deadline.  

Have a great week. 


Deltaville Jamie said...

Good to know I'm not the only person who will stop traffic to move a turtle- stinky or otherwise. I also stop for frogs and toads on the back country roads. Also made me think of skunks because the Brat Child calls them "Stunks". Hoping to be able to see you this weekend (and whomever might be around)

Bethie said...

Maybe she was thinking if you weren't going to eat it, she would!

Snapping turtles are downright scary!!

Grandma J said...

I know it's wrong, but I won't stop for anything smaller than a cow. I will swerve, but not stop.

Why? Cuz I remember the time Rita got a ticket for stopping.

Trisha said...

Happy to join the "turtle saving club!" I seem to move at least one turtle each season out of the road. Luckily, my turtles are not that big and even though they do stink, they are small enough to just pick up and move easily!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Good for you... we'll still be here when the book is done, never fear!

deborah said...

Stink, Stunk, Stank, stinkin' turtle that didn't appreciate your dragging his sorry &&& out of the road. Cracks me up that someone would actually ask what you were doing...Oh I'm doing the mystic dance of the seven turtles, I've got one, do you want to help me find the rest?
Rain here, stopped long enough to cut some of the um-hum, waist-high weeds in my poor neglected back yard.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm glad we don't have turtles to deal with. People with road rage are bad enough.
Sounds like a great weekend, but I sure can understand you backing off blogging while you get the book done. Blogging is just too too much fun and interferes with practically everything if we let it.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Daryl said...

I am thinking of many things you could have said to that ditz .. none are very nice and you are too nice to ever think of them, thankfully you have me!

Maria_NJ said...

You will be missed but we know you have a mission. I hate stink...

ps, I had a wonderful weekend too!!!

Country Girl said...

Take your time, meet your deadline ~ chase the geese and goldern stinking turtles and get r done.

These words of wisdom brought to you today by Country Girl.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Deltaville Jamie - Speaking of skunks and stunks, THAT reminds me of something my mother always used to say:

A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk, but the stump thunk the stump stunk.

If this isn't proof that you belong here, I'm not sure what else is.

Bethie-It did occur to me that she might have thought I was trying to capture it for supper. What she must not have realized is that the turtle was eyeballing ME for supper.

GJ-I don't blame you. Have you blogged about that Rita story?

Trisha-The Turtle Saving Club seems to have an extensive membership!

Meg-I am dreading these next two weeks. Can't wait for the whole thing to be over and done with.

deborah - The Mystic Dance of the Seven it! Only wish I'd been quick enough to think of such a good response. Next time, I have the perfect answer.

Kay-You don't have turtles? Do you want some? (The correct answer is no, which is the same answer to the question, "Do you want some fiddler crabs?") Yes, backing off the blogging is going to be difficult but necessary.

Daryl - In this case your response(s) would have been closer to what I actually wanted to say, but because I was so flustered at dealing with jaws and slime and all, I kept it all to myself.

Maria - Glad to hear you had a good weekend. The weather here was gorgeous. Your new house (and friends who eagerly await your mad spring roll fixin' skillz) are ready for you to move south.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you, CGKate!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

No one is more blog sporadic than me! So I totally understand! I stop for squirrels...damn rodents!