Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things

Welcome to the day of the week known as Three Thing Thursday, where we share three things or three thoughts or three ideas or three suggestions or someone please take the needle off this record, it's skippin' somethin' awful.

Well then.  Let's begin.

1. The photo above was taken from my back yard Tuesday evening.  Just as yet another incredible dinner prepared by my mother was wrapping up, we realized there was a Coast Guard boat headed in our general direction.  Although they come up the creek periodically from Milford Haven, the Coast Guard never comes into Miller's Cove.  They went about as far as they felt comfortable particularly considering some crazy woman was pointing a camera at them then left as quickly as they came. Guess they were just out sightseeing.

2.  The Mathews County book I'm working on is due to the publisher by June 21.  Now, June 21 sounds like a long ways off and has for some time. It really sounds like a long ways off when you think it's still March (except it's May) and you can't remember if Easter has come or gone yet (it's long gone, honey, get with the program), and the situation is made more confusing by all the Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies still strewn about the house, creating visual reminders that Easter is either imminent or just barely gone (when, in fact, it's long gone).

May 21 is this Saturday, no matter what I think.  This means the book is due day after tomorrow in one month.

3. One month in CBW Time does not equate to 30 or 31 or even 28 days.  One month for me equals negative three days one and a half days when you subtract out all the time spent commuting, working, working, commuting, attending children's school events, working, driving, going somewhere, doing something, having no spare time and of course  dillydallying, dawdling maintaining a home and a yard.

In short, I have lots of Easter decorations to put away work to do, especially on the book, and only a few days in which to do it.

Now it's your turn to share three things.  Whatever you want.  Anything at all.


Kay L. Davies said...

Best of luck with the deadline. I worked on deadline for many years in the newspaper business and I know how tense it can get.
1. I have never had an entire book facing a publisher's deadline.
2. I have, however, had an entire newspaper facing a deadline on a regular basis.
3. Neither the editorial department nor the advertising department ever met their deadlines, but they expected my department to get the type set and the paper put together on time in spite of them.
4. Life's not always fair, not even often, in fact hardly ever. Nevertheless, it beats the alternative.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

deborah said...

You can get that book together with an hour to spare. I just know you can-

Rain rain rain. Going stir crazy with the continual rains here!

Our coast guards boats aren't nearly as cute as yours:)

It's May already? What happened to March and April?

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. If you're anything like me (and I'm thinking you are which should be a very scary realization for you) you work best under pressure and at the last minute. I don't think I've ever finished any project ahead of time nor have I worked on something with a deadline where I wasn't scrambling to complete it by the deadline because I procrastinated to the very end.

2. Number 1 was way too long.

3. The Brat Child's birthday present arrives this morning. I got him a turtle. Yes a live one. It's to make up for witnessing some idiot purposefully run over the turtle I was trying to save from the road.

4. I think I have a new place to live.... still waiting on the owner signing all the paperwork... and yes, CBW, it is the very same house that involved the con artist... go figure.

WV: realst- I;m not a pessimist, I'm a realst.

Bethie said...

1. I am so over the rain!

2. All this rain is not good for my garden!

3. I am not sure you would call it a garden, but too much water is not good.

Grandma J said...

1.Forget about the Easter decorations! Christmas is around the corner so you can just spray paint them red.

2.Deadlines shmeadlines....peopld break deadlines all the time. It's your book, you're the boss

3. Most importantly, you are famous and those guys from the Coastguard are really the paparazzi!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. You'll get it done, CBW, and it will be a smashing success! Sounds to me like a perfect reason to forego any manner of cleaning, laundry, mowing, or other household chores. PRIORITIES, babe.

2. The work in and around our house is like 92% complete, and I am having a big party if the construction guys ever actually do finish it!

3. Having brand new patio furniture delivered tomorrow and the new TV comes Monday. Hallelujah!

Daryl said...

Deadlines are an everyday thing for me ... I have an extensive list of excuses for being late if you'd like I'll share .. let me know

ToonMan continues to improve/heal, nephrologist (I love that word, its BIG in scrabble and it means kidney specialist)saw him yesterday and asked who his cardiologist (he has a lot of ologists tending him since his surgeries) was .. turns out we arent happy with the one we have so the nephrologist whose name is Dr James Jones recommended his father's cardio guy .. so now he'll have a Dr Frankenberger for his heart and .. get ready ... ready? Dr Weiner for his urologist... seriously .. no, seriously.

Country Girl said...

1. I'm laughing out loud at the names of Ray's doctors from Daryl's comment above.
2. Day six of rain here, with a respite on Sunday afternoon.
3. You've got the coast guard visiting and I had the fire department last week. Woot.

Mental P Mama said...

Do you need help? :-)

Annie said...

1. Up late, can't sleep.

2. Just when we thought we were all better, three fifths of us are coughing again, after our lovely delayed Mother's Day outing to the Botanical Gardens on Saturday.

3. We had a great day out on Saturday, and a nice lunch on Tuesday with my daughter, and a visit to the museum with the grandson today (becos he was home from daycare with round ten of the cold and cough and runny nose)

Annie said...

ps You can do it. As someone said, you are probably one who likes pushing yourself up against a deadline, and work better that way.
Unfortunately I am the same. Not that have ever written a book.