Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three Things

Here we are once again at the day of the week called Thursday, which is when we are encouraged to share three random thoughts or observations.

I'll begin.

1.  This weekend is the big biking event--Bikes, Bands and the Bay--here in Mathews.  Every May, bikers from all over descend like flying monkeys wearing spandex and helmets come for the weekend to tour our flat, scenic county on two wheels.  According to the Gazette Journal, more than 700 bikers are expected. Those of us who live here know what this means.  Get your grocery shopping done today! It means plan ahead, share the road, and whatever you do, don't let your learner's permit-holding teenager behind the wheel take extra precautions while driving.  Click here for more information on this event, which includes food, music, and lots and lots of spandex. (Deborah knows what I'm talking about with the spandex.)

2.  These next four to six weeks are going to be brutal. In a couple weeks, I'll have to take vacation time from the paying job just to work on the non-paying job book.  Blog postings will be worse and worse sparser and sparser the closer I get to June.

3. There's nothing better than my mother's cooking.  Twice this week we've had the privilege of eating salad made with vegetables and herbs from her garden, and I don't know when I've had anything better.  Her homemade pizza is to die for.  Pretty much anything and everything she fixes is divine. The cooking gene seems to have skipped a generation with me.  The conclusion I draw from all this is the Chesapeake Bay Children and I need to spend more time over there eating good food and less time over here eating stuff that looks about as appealing as a science experiment struggling against  what Nature intended.  And Nature most definitely did not intend for me to be in a kitchen.

Now it's your turn to share three things.  Whatever you want.

Have a great day.


Annie said...

Yes, I agree with you. If the cooking gene skipped you, why not indeed enjoy your Mum's cooking.

It works in reverse here skipped me so I get to enjoy my daughter's cooking usually. She loves being in the kitchen.

Not that she gets much of a chance with a tiny baby in the house at the moment.

At leats we are all getting better from the dreaded coughs and colds. Hooray.

Have a good rest of the week and weekend, cbw, and keep your eye on the road and not the spandex.

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Sometimes I wish the cooking gene had skipped me, and not my mother;

2. What in hell's name possessed me to think that taking all four children for their annual doctor's check at the same time, when they all needed shots, was a good idea? Oh, and the doctor is a good 90 minutes away;

3. Four children, two dogs and an absent husband... what possessed me (again!) to to offer to look after three horses? Some kind of death wish?

3a. the only possible explanation is that I am indeed possessed. And not in a good way.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I thought by bikes you meant motorcycles and I thought about telling my dad about this to-do in Mathews. Then my brain function kicked in and I realized the spandex would signify a bicycle. Then I thought about my dad in spandex. The brain function has been disabled.

2. Had an interesting experience with the house hunt. Basically caught a con artist thanks to my super keen spidey sense. I'd share more details, but I have a cyber stalker who now stalks this blog searching for my comments. I'd laugh at this person if the behavior wasn't so sadly pathetic.

3. Caught a turtle last night (imagine the van whipping to the side of the rd, being thrown into park and me racing up the street- because turtles are fast suckers). It's huge. Like 10 pounds and one I've never seen before. Can't decide if it's a red-bellied or a Cooter. I hope it's a Cooter because I like the name.

And that's about all I've got today from Hysteria Lane.

deborah said...

Ah, the season of spandex. 700 riders will be quite a spectacle um spectacular show!
I'm the cook here, no one else will take on the job. I used to enjoy it, but from the comments I get, I think my talents are starting to wain.
Yes, eat with your mum every chance! Nothing better than a fresh-from-the-garden salad!

Enjoy your weekend! I know you will be able to push on and get that book out. You will make money doing it - I'm going to buy a copy!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

I should invest in a bicycle since I welcome every opportunity for spandex exhibitionism.

Right now, I am an awsome cook; but it was not always the case. I would say being patient and relaxed in my old age is the difference. You are already a fine cook and you will only improve.

Last night: baked salmon topped with buttered onion and smidgeon of peach preserves; steamed swiss chard; homebaked bread. FANTASTIQUE!!

Tonight: Something with my beautiful fresh strawberries, and spinach...I'm thinking about mexican casserole, constantly
...drop by!

Maria_NJ said...

what time???

1. when I was a new bride, I would call my Italian mamma, and ask her how do I make this, what do I put in that, and her comment always would be "when in doubt,use garlic" I swear I should write a cookbook with that title...

2. my mom was a great cook, and thank the Lord it didn't skip a generation, I love to cook and bake, my kids and the husband think I am too

3. Jamie there are laws about stalkers, that could be careful...

4. I have a blue heron that is coming to my back yard, we named him Harry the heron..I cannot tell you how much joy he brings me, I will post a picture of him on my blog tomorrow...and the funny thing is is that we really don't live by the water, about 13 mins away from the ocean...

Deltaville Jamie said...

Maria- Herons will also frequent streams and ponds and even water gardens. My mom had several goldfish disappear down a Heron's gullet. She was not pleased. I don't think she'd be pleased to know I'm contemplating releasing a 10 pound turtle in her koi pond. As for the other issue... I know who it is, isn't dangerous just irritating.

Caution said...

1.That gene skipped a generation here, too, and it doesn't look promising for the next generation.

2.Taking my nearly 14 year old son for a physical today. Do I offer to wait in the waiting room and trust he'll remember to ask the doctor the 1,000 questions I've thought of?

3. Sent my two youngest on bikes to school. It's supposed to rain right when school gets out. How long do you suppose I can claim I never saw the rain in time to rescue them?

Daryl said...

Spandex sounds like a filing system.

Why is it when you, well not you actually but the generic you, leave a message - a detailed, specific message for a doctor with instructions that you will not be in after a certain hour .. why is it he returns the call, leaves a message on the voicemail which does not even come close to answering the questions asked in the specific message...dont even bother thinking of an answer, its rhetorical not to be confused with Rhett Butler.

AND why is it that I find myself constantly trying to get sense out of nonsense?

Volicipm. Sounds like a drug you take for volic which is a cousin to colic ...

Kay L. Davies said...

1. I was up before I wanted to be up this morning because my husband took Lindy out for a walk, and SLAMMED the door.
2. I know he did it because the dog never slams the door.
3. Your mother's cooking sounds wonderful. Right now I'm restricted to ripe bananas, white rice, applesauce, white toast, herbal tea, and plain yogurt. I'm also eating angel-food cake because I figure it's only air and egg whites, right?
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Trisha said...

1. There is nothing like the feeling you get at the end of a long semester of hard work!

2. Getting a new roof is really not fun.

3.Sleeping in while rain patters on the roof is one of the most wonderful things.

Kay L. Davies said...

I know I commented before, but it must have fallen victim to the Blogger outage. Let me see, what did I say?
1. Love that photo.
2. I miss my mother's cooking.
3. (There must have been 3, but I honestly don't remember any of them, so I had to ad lib here.)
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Annie said...

I also commented, and it is gonee

I also missed the cooking gene
My daughter got it.
I enjoy her cooking, she has been getting back into the kitchen and cooking up a storm!
We are all getting much better I think. Hooray.
Have a great w'e cbw.

WV COGIFI...mmmm...that's a good one to think on!

Mental P Mama said...

I wish I were there. The end.