Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I like how the streak in the sky left by the jet sort of
mirrors the walkway from the dock to dry land.
Then again, I like Scrapple, so pay no attention to me.

Last Friday was the first day I could leave my son 
home alone without worrying.  


Although still suffering from a major sleep deficit
dating back to 2001 ,
I forced myself to leave the house
and headed down to Williams Wharf Road 
for some exercise.

(Much needed.)

In addition to everything else going on, 
there's this little thing called a half marathon
I've signed up for. In November.

I've not really practiced or run here lately.

(At all.  Much.)

This particular day, I ran eight miles. 

For the first time in my life.

Only five point one more to go before I reach
the distance of the half marathon!

(Too much.)

If this is my biggest worry, I'm happy. 

Thrilled even.

(Very much so.)

Evidently, we are in for some nasty weather today.  A text from some weather service/alert system mentioned "tornadic activity", which makes me wonder why I've never seen the word "tornadic"  appreciate these shots of calm, sunny days all the more.  

(Much like how The Bad makes you appreciate The Good in life.)

(CBW's attempts at drawing philosophical conclusions from random life events and photographs are now very much coming to a close. Thank you for your patience.)


Country Girl said...

These are such beautiful images. So peaceful. It's ugly here this morning and it rained throughout the night. Good luck with your tornadic activities today and glad to hear your son is feeling better and that life is beginning to return to normal. Eight miles? Holy heck.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Eight miles yeah! Love the pics! And you! Very Much!

Daryl said...

You go girl! Glad to hear CBS is mending enough for you to get your run on .. gentle hugs to him

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the storm wimps out. So far it's most just been a stiff breeze up my way. Betsy

Meg McCormick said...

The weather feels funky out today. Yuk. Me no likey. much.