Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paula Does Merroir

Saturday, my blog friend BHE and Paula the Garden Gnome stopped by my house for a visit.

Since it was a gorgeous day and I had no intention of cooking after more than two plus weeks of serving three plus meals a day to my precious son while he recovered from surgery I needed a break, I suggested we drive over to the riverfront restaurant in Topping known as Merroir.

(Yes, it's true.  CBW is still talking about lawn ornaments as if they were people.)

(No, it's not at all true.  She really isn't entirely crazy. If she is, then BHE is too. And more than a few people at Merroir, thank you very much.) 

Safety first!
(The fact that Paula was standing vs. sitting in the back seat
is a major safety infraction minor technicality.)

The views from this outdoor restaurant are stunning.

Paula peruses the wine list.
(Sssshhhh. We won't tell her it's upside down.)

More than one person got the notion that it was a great night for Merroir, because the place was jam packed. BHE, Paula, and I waited patiently on the porch for a table. While there we met the most interesting people.

This photogenic couple is from Waynesboro.
They travel to the area frequently
to care for an ailing family member.

Eventually we were seated for dinner, Paula included. Imagine our surprise when a young mother (who happens to be an art teacher) jumped up and trotted over--clearly relieved to know she wasn't the only one with issues with a creative sense of humor.

You cannot make this stuff up, folks.
Someone else there had a Barbie doll.
Not a child--an art teacher.
(Creativity and craziness childishness 

are often easily confused.)

It was as if we had stepped into some parallel universe-- where not only was the food delicious and the views spectacular, but....everyone seemed a little touched quirky, uninhibited, happy, and fun.

We were seated next to friendly folks from Richmond who own a home in Mathews.  (I took pictures of them, but unfortunately they didn't turn out that well.) They were so much fun to talk to.

Our Waynesboro friends from the porch were seated with a young couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Paula absolutely insisted on spending some time with them.

Waynesboro Couple and 1st Year Anniversary Celebrants
(And Paula, there on the right, in the midst of it all.)

I'm reasonably sure these young folks will never
forget their first anniversary dinner.

Everyone seemed to be happy and laughing.

Paula definitely enjoyed herself.

The moral of this blog post is: Have fun, live life to the fullest, cherish old friends, and embrace new ones.  Also, visit Merroir, where the patrons are as crazy as you are and will embrace garden gnomes with dignity, verve, and a healthy splash of humor.

The End.


Ann Marie said...

Confession of a Gypsy... Gnomes scare me please keep Paula very far away from me or she may find herself at the bottom of a certain creek.

Love you and BHE just not Paula so much.

Deb said...

Love it love it love it. Insanely jealous I wasn't there. What a beautiful evening.

big hair envy said...

Ohh. Emm. Gee. What a weird and wonderful evening that was! From people assuming we were a couple, to Paula practically running the place, to eating gourmet food at a picnic table, to the oddest question I've ever been asked in my life..."What does your belt mean?" As you pointed out, you cannot make this stuff up!!! Can't wait to go back. I'll be disappointed if it's just a "normal" dining experience!!!

Daryl said...

there is no way anyone sitting next to you (with or w/o Paula) wouldnt have a good time .. send or better yet bring Paula to NYC .. she's have a great time ...

Mental P Mama said...

OMG! This is soooo stinkin' funny! Bring Paula here. We could get into some mischief. And fun. And that bride seemed a little bit scared;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM-I knew you were scared of clowns but gnomes too? OK, I guess Paula is staying home for the half-marathon in November. (Based on the lack of training I've done, I'm sort of wishing Paula could run for me instead.)

Deb- You were the one who introduced me to Merroir. THANK YOU.

BHE-Weird and wonderful is the perfect description for that eclectic crowd. And no, we are definitely not a couple (not that there's anything wrong with that, said in my best Seinfeld voice), thank you very much, although I guess when two women traipse around with a biker garden gnome in public, things can get confusing for onlookers. Can't wait for Paula's next big adventure. West Point Crab Carnival, perhaps?

Daryl- I see a train trip in Paula's future...she has a hankering for some sushi.

MPM- We discussed a trip to Tennessee, and Paula was definitely on board with it all.


Looking forward to the fact that tomorrow is Friday. My daughter's birthday is this weekend and although it won't be relaxing it promises to be chock full of excitement. If I survive, I'll give a full report on Monday.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I see Paula becoming the weary traveler! She may need a leather jacket though if you take her up north! I am sure Daryl has something she can spare!