Friday, March 27, 2015

Misty Morning

Thursday morning a pocket of fog clung to the shoreline of Smither's cemetery across the creek from me.  Sunrise saw warmer temperatures jockeying for position with the cooler nighttime ground temperatures.  Although it rained on and off throughout the day, it was a very warm day eventually.

That warmth is predicted to be short-lived, however, and just in time for yet another race I've not prepared for:  the Monument Avenue 10K in Richmond, also known as Baby Sis's stomping grounds. We'll spend Friday night at her friend Dino's house, awake at Oh-So-Dark Thirty Saturday morning, and limp up and down Richmond's quaint neighborhoods in freezing temperatures--although likely nowhere near as cold as the Valentine's Day race at the winery.

Afterwards, I'll drive to Daughter's track meet in Charles City, which is sort of/not really/but kind of on the way home. If you're going the long way which includes going in the entirely opposite direction.

On Sunday I hope to do absolutely nothing.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Here's to an indolent and restful of luck for the Saturday marathon...(do you think Aunt Esther has any plans to get back at you ??) I guess it is too late now to ship cases of beer for the post race winding down.

Anonymous said...

Sorry--I forgot to mention how stunning those photos are ! (It's fun proving that we are not robots..I got to match photos of cake)

Robert Julian Braxton said...

nose glued to television screen for NCAA - second night of four (men's) games - although I favor women's college basketball (viewing).