Friday, June 12, 2015


Wednesday evening, after a day filled with non-stop This and That and Then Some, I gave myself permission to sit down on the back deck for a minute or twenty as the sun was going down.

On the neighbor-across-the-creek's dock post, after a day filled with fishing, wading, preening, squawking, and his own version of This and That and Then Some, a heron was doing the same thing.

Giving himself permission to just sit.

And be.

Friends from my office visited me in Mathews recently and confirmed that just sitting and being in my back yard is all that's needed to reduce blood pressure.

(I didn't need a reminder, it's just nice to hear from new people.)

Of course Regular Life insists on sucking every bit of everything right out of me reminding me that it can't be all about sitting and staring for even twenty minutes! all the time.

I found out this week that I'll need to have my stupid gall bladder removed  some minor surgery soon, potentially during one of my busiest times at work.


The heron reminds me it's important to stop and sit sometimes.

And just be.


Anonymous said...

ERG ! My brother had the gall bladder surgery and thought it was NO Big Deal....I do hope in your case it will prove to be the same.
May you have some recuperation time on the deck admiring herons a bit longer.

Meg McCormick said...

I can attest to the blood pressure-reducing properties of your deck. It's true; it works.

Do allow yourself the time you need to address your health and fully recover. The work'll wait.