Monday, June 1, 2015


Sunday afternoon at low tide, I hopped in the kayak with my camera and spent some quality time across the creek admiring an area I ordinarily only see from a distance from my back deck.

As I was admiring the muddy area and the different view of the pine tree the eagle likes to rest in, something else caught my eye.

Someone was taking advantage of the low tide to fish for minnows for dinner.

He didn't appear at all perturbed that I was taking his picture.

He was way more focused on fishing.

In doing  minimal a little on-line searching, I came across this (click here)  that seems to suggest this could be a green heron, which I didn't realize we had on Queens Creek.

(Or, on the other hand, I knew it and probably have written about it on this blog before and have forgotten. Take your pick.)

Welcome to June, it's here already.


Anonymous said...

Nice to live in a place where you an just jump in a kayak to check out the other side of your view. Nice photos, as always. Betsy

foolery said...

Ah, what a beauty. We have egrets and great blues, but I've never seen one like that. I could watch wader birds all day.

Robert Julian Braxton said...

That eagle likes a loblolly pine over at Mad Calf Lane, too. Paid a brief visit Saturday (as I recall) a week ago, then showed up again on Monday (son and family were there), staying for much of the day.