Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

This was the scene of my Memorial Day celebrations.
The back deck, the back yard and Queens Creek.

Memorial Day weekend was nothing short of fabulous.  Friday night, blog friends Lauren from Nashville and Meg from Maryland arrived to kick things off. By Saturday night, Middle Sister, Baby Sis and blog friend Angie were added to the mix. Sunday I had a cookout, and my local friends showed up with their families for a day of fun, sun, eating, swimming and drinking boat rides.

Meg, in her festive, leopard-print muumuu, enjoys a mimosa Saturday morning.

Angie contemplates another mimosa the meaning of life.

Lauren always livens up any conversation. 

We even accounted for other blog friends who could not join us.  

Me and Lauren

Me and Meg

Me and my mother

Me and Angie
(This might be the most pictures of me in the history of this blog.)

There was kayaking.
Here, Chesapeake Bay Son and his friend Kelly head up the creek--with paddles.

There was grilling.

There was eating.

There was corn hole.

There were Gator rides.

There were boat rides.

In short, it was one of the best weekends I've had in a while. I took a couple of days off of work to make the wonderfulness (it's a word) last even longer. Although all my out of town guests returned to their homes, Middle Sister is here for another week or so to keep me company. Tomorrow I return begrudgingly to work but with fond memories of good times with good people.

Really, really good.


Robert Julian Braxton said...

Beth and Bob (self), Harriet, Allen and Susan, Carl and Anita - ate out: Richardson's (wonder whether I saw you, probably not) - South Winds, Mexican - crab meat Supreme at home on Mad Calf - while the two old(er) couples were enjoying B & B - The Inn at Tabb's Creek. We split and departed on Saturday, two back to Atlanta, the others up to Fairfax (and Germantown, MD)

Jamie J said...

Thanks for inviting us! I wish I could have stayed longer! Bridget and the baby who isn't a baby anymore joined us for the weekend last minute so I went from no one to "entertain" to 3 people to "entertain". The weather was nicer and warmer at your house- my mom and I sat on the beach wrapped in towels to keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Much needed respite and fun for you ! Frutando las amigas, familia y vino....nothing better.

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend! And I'll bet your strawberries are fabulous now, too. I'll always remember how great they tasted when we visited you that afternoon just about this time of year. Betsy

Meg McCormick said...

So much fun! Zee phi Gee!!

foolery said...

I love your glassware. Also, I was in desperate need of a tan and no one told me. Next year please spray tan Foolery.