Friday, May 1, 2015

From the Yard

All of these shots were taken from my back yard, which some might call my front yard since the house technically fronts the water.  I'm a bit stubborn and slow to make changes, however, and I've always called it the back yard since we approach the house by car on the other side--which I refer to as the front yard.

That first paragraph absolutely exhausted me, I cannot imagine what it was like to read it.

Anyway, I never know what I'm going to see when I glance out back.  The other evening, I saw this eagle patiently perched across the creek.  We see them all the time in flight and in trees; this is the first time I've ever seen one wading in the creek.

Herons, on the other hand, are very familiar friends.  It's not at all unusual seeing them wading along, waiting for just the right morsel of seafood to happen by.

The first rainbow of the season made a faint but quaint appearance earlier this week.  

And this seems to be the week for sunrises.  The one below happened Thursday and was even more beautiful in person.

Mother Nature puts on some spectacular shows here in Mathews, and her efforts this week were especially noteworthy.

Welcome to the month of May, I thought she'd never get here.


thotlady said...

Yes, finally May is here.

big hair envy said...

How beautiful! Before I exited the driveway this morning, I saw a rabbit, a BIG turtle, two turkeys, and a hawk. It was a spectacular way to start my day :) Miss you!

Country Girl said...

I love the views from your back yard. And yes, it is your back yard.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots ! What stunning water views to behold... your water-facing yard could also be referred to as 'the barge yard', being reached by boats.. but most notably a party barge..I used to have fun blogging on the DIY Blog Cabin site when the project was in Mathews. One blogger known as "roughybc" was a resident in NY State and we made virtual plans, should either of us win the giveaway remodeled house--(which I recall, you had a chance to visit and wrangle with the upscale kitchen sink fixtures)--we would arrive by party barge at the BC docking area.
If I ever ply the VA coastal waters on a party barge someday, it would be tons more fun pulling up to your yard for a party.(The barge would include an all-important kitchenette and at least 2 bathrooms, so no one need invade your house !)
Happy happy weekend, and hope you have a chance for a nap...

Meg McCormick said...

Beautiful! What an oasis you live in.