Friday, May 15, 2015


Here are more shots of an old house on the property known as Clifton, which is just across the creek from me.

I'm not sure if that's a ghost in the lower left hand corner or a reminder that I should clean my camera lens.  I'm going with ghost.  More exciting.

This week has been hectic and slightly stressful between work, which is getting busier and busier each minute that passes, and the work that's needed around the house.  Daughter is busy studying for tests and running in track meets.  The end of the school year is in sight for her, which is good for both of us.

The next couple of weekends promise to be good ones, though.  This weekend's Tour de Chesapeake means bicyclists will be descending on the county, and Saturday night's Party at the Wharf combines all of my favorite things: live music, seafood from Merroir and the great outdoors. I've not looked at the weather forecast, but hopefully it will be nice.

Memorial Day weekend a few friends will be in town and, weather permitting, I'll have a cookout.

Regardless of the forecast for either weekend, I'm going to relax and have fun.

I do love the month of May.


Anonymous said...

Weekends sound promising, and if any of your friends coming next weekend like to go ghosthunting...I can just see all of you going over with a device like an infrared camera or a FLIR to the old house at Clifton.
Ghost hunters would be all over your photo with the "anomalies" that appeared in one shot,(but did not appear in others.) You also have a light "anomaly" by the second story window, and above the roofline to the right,in that shot where your winsome fantasm appeared,LOL.
A party with seafood from Merroir sounds like heaven, and hopefully weather will be warm. (We had rain and temps in brief low 60's, mostly high 50's)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I see the face of the ghost and two arms reaching up behind the window in the bottom shot--Betsy

Robert Julian Braxton said...

Spouse having (soon) siblings reunion The Inn at Tabb's Creek. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, leaving on Saturday - brother from Dunwoody, GA, brother from Walnut Creek, CA; sister from Chester, MT and Tucson, AZ - we from Fairfax, VA - with three of the spouses (other is deceased). Looking forward - fun-filled. Previous reunions: Callaway Gardens, outside Stone Mountain, GA; Yosemite (one night actually in the park, looked out to the rock face being climbed; Star something Ranch in Arizona, within sight of Mexico. Each of four will have taken turn in hosting. When we are down at VA-198, are we allowed to drive as far as that old house on the driveway to Clifton (house)? Or "no trespassing"?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC - It was a great weekend and the weather was perfect. So was the grilled fish I devoured while listening to the band under the stars along the East River. *sigh*

Betsy-I agree, I'm going with ghost.

RJB - It's a no trespassing, private property thing. I got to take these because I was invited to a gathering there last weekend. Good luck with the reunion! I think this is a perfect week to have it, weather should be good.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, it's much appreciated.

Robert Julian Braxton said...

no trespassing, private property - as we drove (2005 silver Prius) and I watched on VA-198 for the "Clifton" sign, I looked to my left and noticed that I can see that first house (your photographs) from the highway while driving by. Fun to see the real thing (even at 45 mph) that I first enjoyed in your pictures.