Friday, May 8, 2015


Wednesday evening, this eagle and I gazed out over Queens Creek as the sun was going down for the day.  He sat silently for a while, collecting his thoughts, before retreating further up the creek for the night.   From the comfort of my deck chair, I watched him fly away before finally surrendering myself and turning in.

May is such a wonderful month around here.  Everything is turning lush and green, and the days are warm but not necessarily oppressive with humidity--yet.  The insects are plentiful, but they haven't worn me down--yet.  (For the moment, we won't talk about ants, against which I'm waging a full-on war in my kitchen, nor will we speak of wasps, who insist on taking up residence in my deck umbrella.  Also, if I see just one more stink bug--inside my house--I may voluntarily check in to Eastern State Hospital.) And the fiddler crabs are out but not holding parties in my garage making their way up into the yard--yet.

In short, life--which these days includes winding down on the deck at the end of the day-- is pretty good.


Robert Julian Braxton said...

Life is good. Spouse family "Pirkle" began coming to Gwynn's Island at least about 65 years ago. In a few days the four will be meeting in Mathews County for sibling reunion. Years of birth 1927, 1929, 1942, 1943. First two are males and graduated from William and Mary. In preparation, we have had the cottage exterior painted (Mad Calf Lane). Hope the new look does not drive "our" eagle away. It has been up on the limb of the pine - but I personally have missed seeing it - as I also miss Whip-O- Will that used to frequent (in the 1960's).

Anonymous said...

Nice eagle shots! Glad you can savor the days of May. Mothers' Day is upon us, and wishing you and CBMomma a wonderful day of honor and perhaps high-jinks.
You may have seen some of my mom's old modeling photos on my FaceBook wall. Mom is a most dignified lady, but for some reason she has always pronounced the word "eagle" as, inexplicably, "iggle". Which causes my brother and I to giggle and commence to teasing her...or at least shoot gleeful looks at each other. I do feel very very lucky to have her still living at almost 91 years, still sharp and a hilarious, fun person to be with. Hugs to your mom~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots. Happy Mother's Day!!! Betsy