Monday, May 4, 2015


These were taken back in 2011 from the public landing at the Seabreeze and although I've posted them several times before, I never tire of gazing at them.

I did a lot of gazing at the water this weekend.  The weather Saturday and Sunday was spectacular.  Saturday a friend and I ate outside at my favorite restaurant Merroir, where the food was outstanding and the views relaxing.  Sunday I spent a lot of time on my back deck soaking up the sun and watching the boats parade up and down Queens Creek.

This week will be another busy one for me.  Work is becoming more hectic, at home the grass needs cutting, and on Friday I drive to Charlottesville to retrieve Son, who has successfully made it through his first year of college.

Time continues to fly by at record speeds.

So I don't feel at all guilty for slowing down when I can and staring off into the water when the opportunity presents itself.  It's therapeutic.


Meg McCormick said...

I won't have time to gaze this week but very much look forward to gazing upon the waters near the Bay in Mathews County one day soon!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for your son, hooray for calm, glassy waters, hooray for watching boats from a deck, and hooray for having lunch outside with a friend and knowing that's just what you need.

Robert Julian Braxton said...

one has to polish that water a long time to get such a shine.