Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wader Too

Miller Cove on Queens Creek is the social hub of blue heron activity in the neighborhood.

Except, socially, herons are socially awkward actually textbook introverts, preferring to do their own thing in the peace, quiet and solitude that, for example, Miller Cove ordinarily brings.

The younger herons, lacking that life experience that brings cynicism and a slightly jaded outlook on mingling with others, trot casually along the shoreline even when that shoreline is in close proximity to a strange person with a camera in a brightly colored kayak .


I've never seen anything other than a full-grown heron on Queens Creek.  By the time they are wading within eyesight of my back deck, they're big, big, big  birds.

But last night on Facebook, blog friend LLC shared this photo  of a baby heron.  

I want to adopt a whole nest of baby herons but realize logically herons are not ever up for adoption.  Plus once they come into teenagerhood, the drama just wouldn't be worth it.  So I'll just admire them in all stages of life from afar. It's the right thing to do.

Thanks, LLC, for the glimpse at heron infancy.

Have a great weekend.