Monday, January 4, 2016

Williams Wharf

For the first time since my accident in October, I went huffing and puffing jogging this weekend up and down Williams Wharf Road.

Williams Wharf is undergoing a major makeover.  Click here to read more about the new boathouse project.

Anyway, as I was getting out of my car to start my jog, I was pleasantly surprised by this adorable group out and about, also enjoying the bright, sunny Saturday.

It isn't every day you see sights like this--outside of a parade, that is.

Speaking of, I told another member of their party they need to enter next year's Christmas parade. 

Below are shots I took back in 2012 of the boathouse area and the old railway.

Change can be good.  

The new project will be good.

But I mourn the loss of that old, very photogenic railway.

In other news, this will be my first full week back to work since who knows when, between the accident, surgery, and Christmas/New Years. Daughter has two basketball games, which means come Friday, when I leave for San Diego with my college friend Iris, I will be absolutely exhausted.

But who cares, because I'M GOING TO SAN DIEGO ON FRIDAY!

2016 has only been around for a few days, but so far we're getting along just fine.


Dghawk said...

Happy New Year! And it seems to be starting out swimmingly. So glad to hear you are out and about again. I don't do change very well either, and here I am trying to get it together to move back to WV.

Robert Julian Braxton said...

enjoying the photos. Thank you.