Friday, January 15, 2016

Bethel Beach

It's January 14th already?

So much has happened in a few short weeks.

Thankfully, most of it's good.

However, this blog has been woefully neglected.

And that's not good.

Recently I told someone that blogging was exactly like exercise. It only works if you do it regularly.

Last night when I perused available photos to post, there were only these from a December trip to Bethel Beach. And these, while OK, are sort of boring to me.

Especially since they're from so long ago.

So this weekend I'm going to get back on track with napping exercising (which hasn't been easy of late), taking pictures and blogging.

That's my goal, anyway.

Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the important thing is life is finally handing you good news! Betsy

Robert Julian Braxton said...

once more I am enjoying . Thank you

Crazy about Blue said...

Glad to have you back CBW, wishing you a healthy and happy 2016 !!

Florida Girl Adventures said...

Looking forward to seeing your blog. You think the photos are boring to others they are something new, a brand new experience for them. Take me for instance; saw you blog and that you're having the same 'exercise' issues I am. Hope to motivate you to keep on blogging! Whats's old is new to someone else's eyes.