Monday, January 18, 2016


Mathews County enjoyed an unseasonably warm Saturday this weekend.  It was almost warm enough to cut grass, which--believe it or not--I need to do, courtesy of the crazy weather.  

(The grass thinks it's spring.)

So imagine our surprise when this happened--with almost no warning--on Sunday.

Yes, it snowed.

It was a wonderful day to stay inside and nap on and off all day make soup.  However, I also went for a walk while the large, wet flakes were falling to the ground.  I love snow when it's falling.  I'm always saddened when the storm is over and the sun comes out and the world tries to go back to its original self.

We have the day off today, so depending on what the weather does, I hope to get out and about and take some more pictures that aren't from my back yard.

Happy Monday.


Jamie J said...

It snowed up this way, but didn't stick, which I'm happy about. There was no napping or soup making because the house was being rewired and I had no current.

Robert Julian Braxton said...

walk is good - as is living.

Betsy Keogan said...

And wait'll you see what's coming this weekend! Betsy

Anonymous said...

You had more snow coverage than we had here in Charlottesville. We might beat your snow totals this weekend though. Stay safe out there


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie, I can only imagine all the trials and tribulations that come with renovating that house, but the rewards have to be tremendous. (Right?)

RJB - Yes. All good! GREAT even.

John and Betsy, I think you're right about that! I am still hoping for something here in Mathews. I love a good storm (as long as there's no need to drive in it and nobody gets hurt). Somehow it provides a much-needed excuse to just be and relax and not worry about being somewhere or doing something.

Stay warm, everyone.

Also thanks for reading (and commenting on) this nearly-dead blog!


Crazy about Blue said...

That view never gets old !! I want to buy a plot in that cemetary...not that I'm in any hurry to get there.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

C-about-B - That's my favorite waterfront cemetery. (It may be the only waterfront cemetery, but whatever, I love it.) My grandfather, grandmother and uncle are already there. I'm not in any hurry to join them but can't think of a better place to not be alive. (Which sounds weird....)