Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gustav Says...

"That bunch next door is having a party tonight.  There better not be any disruption to my beauty sleep."

To which CBW says, "Pay no attention to this ornery, honkin' son of a gun who causes more disruption than any other animal I've ever known."

Speaking of the big party tonight, is it over yet? I'm worn right out.  Middle Sister and her husband arrived last night.  Chesapeake Bay Daughter had an away (far, far away) basketball game last night.  There's still macaroni and cheese to bake; pork tenderloins to marinate,  and ham biscuits to make. Fruits, vegetables and cheeses need slicing.  Wine needs pouring. Floors need sweeping and dust bunnies need evicting.

Come on over and help me clean help us celebrate my father's 70th birthday. The festivities begin at or near 6:00.

Hopefully you'll avoid any encounters with this:

Take a gander (pun intended) at those beady little  eyes.  

As long as we're still talking about how much work there is left to do Gustav, below is a video the Chesapeake Bay Children made last summer for Blog Fest.  There may be a misspelled word or two, but even innocent children can see Gustav equates to chaos and bedlam.

Here's to keeping Gustav, chaos and bedlam at bay.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Kay L. Davies said...

Party hearty, people, before Gustav gets loose.
Or else you'll have to stop the fun, and kill the goose.
Goose blood will not look good upon a birthday cake
But you might have to kill the goose for CBW's sake.
-- Kay and Lindy
(I'm not sure if Lindy would hurt Gustav. Last night she sat at the near end of the back yard watching a deer walk down the lane behind the chainlink fence at the far end of the yard. She didn't even bark, but she wouldn't come in when I called her, either!)
-- K

deborah said...

Love the movie! So creative and so much fun!
Wish your father Happy Birthday for me and enjoy the party!

wv stsbers The stsbers are having a grand party tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the party! HOWEVER, you may or may not recognize your own baby sister due to yet ANOTHER bad, REALLY bad haircut/color job...I asked for a more toned down blonde like my natural haircolor, face framing layers, and a pick me up. what I got was a little different so I'm guessing what the hair dresser heard was this:
" I'd like to look as homely as possible, I"m thinking I want my hair STYLE to look kinda like a mix between David Spade and Bennie Hill when he wears that wig. And as far as the color goes, I'd really like the premature gray look, and oh, throw in a little GREEN!!!!! I'd really like people to think that I did this myself with that at-home chia pet trimmer thing. I want to look very conservative and uptight please.thanks."...for nothing!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay-Right now, Gustav would almost be a welcome addition. The morning has been disastrous thus far, Gustav just might bring some calm and peace into the environment. That should tell you now the morning's gone around here!

deborah-One stsber is here and another is on the way.

Baby Sis-


But just so you know, Middle Sis says your haircut is cute. How she's seen it, I have no idea, but that's the initial report.

So far, I've ruined one ham (now have a search party out procuring a second/new ham that I'll then have to bake); realized I only had 20 SETS of forks, spoons and knives (instead of the SIXTY I read on the box - it's sixty total items); and all in all I'm ready for this to be done and over.

Serenity now.

Country Girl said...

I love that video. Times like this I wish I lived so much closer to you. I'd help you chop those veggies and eradicate those dust bunnies. And I am hell with a broom.

Have an awesome time at the partay tonight.