Monday, January 3, 2011


On Friday, I spent some time wandering around on foot down Mobjack, located at the end of the Earth end of Route 660, East River Road.  Once the home of a bustling wharf, the area is now just a sleepy little neighborhood facing the Mobjack Bay.

These two trees caught my eye.

Speaking of Mobjack Bay, did you know there's a local coffee company with that name?  Click here for more information.  The coffee, roasted from certified organic beans, is very good, and comes in varieties with clever names like Daffodil Sunrise; Deadrise Blend; and Slack Tide Decaf. The owners contribute a portion of their profits to help save the Chesapeake Bay.   Best Value carries it here in Mathews, as does Kelsick Gardens in Gloucester, among other places I'm sure.

Having to get out of bed before 9 return to work after so many days off is not going to be pleasant.  Pass me a cup of  Deadrise Blend, black, please.


If you drink coffee, what is your favorite brand?

I'm a tried and true Eight O'clock Coffee gal myself but am  open to most any kind, even the Food Lion brand, which is very reasonably priced.  I do draw the line at some of the local convenience store coffee, which is why I just brew my own every morning. Without mentioning names*, some of those places peddle coffee that looks and smells more like creek mud. You know it's not good when you grip the pot to pour a cup and the handle has a fuzzy texture, not unlike the coffee itself.

* I'm not talking about 7-11


deborah said...

Love the tree pictures!
I've decided that I'm going to win the DIY cabin in Susan. Just reading about it is exciting!

I like the same coffee you do, but usually end up buying Maxwell House in the big blue container. We drink a LOT of coffee here. I do like Starbucks once in a while, but am not crazy about the price.

Bad headache here..yuk!

So glad you had some time to unwind and calm down!

Kay L. Davies said...

The trees are wonderful, and you've got me all in a dither about coffee. I love coffee. I have always consumed too much coffee. Now I am down to three half-coffee-half-milk beverages two or three times a week. I can't even believe I'm me. Someone has stolen me and put an inflatable Kay doll in my place.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Fighting Mermaid said...

The foodlion premium french roast in the bag is my standard when it is on sale 2/$7, but if I have to pay full price, then I want Seattle's Best organic french roast and I have to get it at my least favorite place in the whole wide wold. :)

Anonymous said...

Man up! and drink that coffee,Girl, it will put some hair on your chest!Don't worry about that warm fuzzy feeling you get from the handle! they are not charging you extra for that! Wait! maybe they are! Did you know there is a Mobjack micro brew! Not sure what the deal is, other than it not very good in my opinion! Opinions vary! Maybe one of your fellow blogger's know something about this micro brewery?MM

Lynne M said...

I am partial to the WalMutant brand coffee (in the purple can), but will drink the Folgers blue tub sometimes.. IF I go to Food Lion instead of WalMutant. I absolutely can NOT stand any convenience store coffee.. you can put 3-4 creamers in it and it still tastes like motor oil.. yuk!

Happy New Year!!

WV: I wrand out of coffee!

Deltaville Jamie said...

I love the trees, but then, I seem to have a tree fetish (I have that ongoing love affair with the one on Aaron's Beach). Ahhh coffee. I gave up coffee long ago because I drank too much and living on coffee and strawberry frosted poptarts was not doing the body good. This morning I got coffee. It's a resolution I think. And according to the cup, McDonald's coffee is made with magic little beans. Works for me.

Caution Flag said...

Any coffee if fine with me as long as it has chocolate and heavy cream in it. Please don't tell anyone that I admitted to that.

Mental P Mama said...

Love these shots! Does Slack Tide smell like Low Tide? I hope not;)

Trisha said...

Leafless trees are always fascinating to me - such neat, organic shapes.

Coffee? Personally, I don't like the stuff. Don't like it at all.

Daryl said...

Eight O'Clock Hazelnut ...

and I iscryin (WV) from being scared but I pulled up my big girl socks and I am going to be brave

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Strong and black anykinda coffee. Expresso on the weekends!
Love those trees by the way!

judi said...

trees; fantastic. nice capture of the shadow on the second one.

Coffee; creamed, strong, as in Americano. We blend our own. 1 can Bustilo Espresso roast and one can Maxwell house original. 3/8 of a cup to 8 cups of water. 2 pots of that gets me through the day.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I'm with Noe Noe, strong and black! It cures what ails you and gives you a jolt!

Diane said...

I love coffee. I drink my own blend of 100% African organic medium roast and a strong organic french roast. I mix up a weeks worth of beans at a time in an airtight container so it's always fresh and grind it each morning.

In a pinch, I'll drink Cutter's Point Fisherman's blend (Shanty Girls?)

I won't drink Starbucks as they roast the beans into submission instead roasting to flavor. I hate burnt beans.

And I won't drink from 7-11, Mc Donalds or other fast food coffees. Too watery.

Country Girl said...

I like a good Arabica coffee and I believe 8 o'clock is made with Arabica beans. They don't make me as 'jittery'. God, I love coffee.