Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Trio

This shy old house down Whites Neck usually hides behind Mother Nature's abundant greenery on the few times I've come calling before, in the summer months.

But a few weeks ago, after one of our snow storms, she was exposed, vulnerable and very visible from the road.

I wanted to coax her out of her shell a little more, but that would have required trespassing getting out of my car or pulling into the driveway which, as you can see above, was full of brush snow.

It was too cold to get out.

Instead, I used the zoom lens from the warmth and comfort of my car on the main road.

There were no other cars around for miles.

And miles.

(Incidentally, a place called Miles is not too far from here.)

Don't you just want to run across that field and explore all around and inside that house?

I do.

Speaking of old houses, the DIY network is supposed to begin filming this month for their 2011 Blog Cabin series, which involves a farmhouse renovation down at Susan. This weekend I saw a very unexpected and most unusual sight in our dear county:  a taxi.  I don't think I've ever seen one here before, ever.  Putting two and two together, Sherlock I deduced there had to be some correlation.

A major network filming the same time as a once or twice in a lifetime spotting of a taxicab surely must be related.

At least in my little brain world.

And this concludes a post that started off about a timid farmhouse and ended up trying to explain why a taxicab would be patrolling Mathews County.

The End.

p.s. For the Mathews readers, have you ever seen a taxi around here?  Why wouldn't the person just rent a car?  By the time you pay cab fare for 50 - 75 miles (depending on whether you're flying in to Richmond, Norfolk or Newport News), wouldn't it make more sense to rent a car?  Am I the only one who has never seen a cab in the county? 

Do you know how many more questions I could ask if I didn't force myself to stop?  Too many, that's how many.  Have a great Tuesday. 


Kay L. Davies said...

Maybe the passenger was someone who couldn't drive for one reason or another. Ancient age, general infirmity, certified insanity...well, I hope it's not that.
But your explanation is probably correct. I'm still thousands of miles away and haven't met Mathews County yet.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Annie said...

We have a MILES here in Queensland. In fact it is the nearest town to where my in-laws had a property out on the Darling Downs. A beef and wheat growing area.
Love the photos, and yes, I'd be curious and want to investigate the cute cottage.
And yes, I'd also be very curious about a taxi, when there are never any around. I am sure more will be revealed.

Country Girl said...

Good morning. It's cold here and we had ice through the night. But the temps are slated to climb slowly and although the county schools are closed, we're on a 2-hour delay. Gah!

Maybe I'll call a taxi to come get me.

Deltaville Jamie said...

A taxi?? Did you get a picture because it's sure to be a once in a lifetime event. I'd be hapy to trespass with you in order to check out that house... I'm fairly good at trespassing.

Trisha said...

The house does call for exploration!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Because the company is reimbursing them for the travel expense - why not let someone else do the driving!

deborah said...

Oh, since I'm going to win that house, I'll be frequenting the DIY blog to cast my vote for the changes that will be made:)
I'm pretty sure the taxi won't be the only strange thing you see while strangers are in town:)

Mental P Mama said...

If the people are from a city, they may not drive. Imagine that!