Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Trio

This is Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, which is perched on top of a roadside hill in nearby Gloucester County.  I've been wanting to take its picture for a long time now.

Driving by last week, I was mesmerized by the shadows and couldn't resist the urge to pull over.

According to the sign out front, the church dates back to the 1700s.  It's a beautiful if not slightly unusual building for a church.  There's no steeple, no bell, none of the usual features you expect to see on a church around here. In some ways it resembles a schoolhouse more than a church. There are two very small graveyards on site.

Otherwise, I don't know much about it.

Perhaps Chesapeake Bay Mother, who's from Gloucester, can shed more light or share more details.

Regardless, it's a beautiful building that no doubt has an interesting  history.

There's no particular reason I featured churches two days in a row; it just worked out that way. The frigid temperatures and lack of time have prevented me from going out to take many new pictures. This is more of a coincidence than a conscious effort on my part, I promise.

Coincidence vs. Conscious Effort could be a T-shirt, a bumper sticker or maybe the title of my next book, who knows. The bottom line is  very little conscious effort is put forth here or anywhere else in my life.  I discovered a long time ago 'tis better to go with the flow than try to control anything everything. 

The philosophical portion of this post, as well as the original portion relating to a church in Gloucester, is now over.  Thanks for reading!  


Anonymous said...

One of those burial grounds contains the bodies of your grandmother's baby siblings who did not survive the rigors of birth in the early 1900's. It was the neighborhood Methodist church with a small congregation.

There were two closely resembling Proctor brothers who were members. When called on to pray one Sunday, the brother who was in attendance shyly admitted, "I am not the praying Proctor." Mother thought that was hilarious. Mum

Ann Marie said...

I know nothing about the church.. just always been a little drawn to it..

Can you plan a photo taking excursion soon? I am rusty.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

CB Mother - I think that story is hilarious too (the part about not being the praying Proctor, not the baby siblings dying). I knew there was a good reason for being drawn to that church for so long. Thanks for the background!

AM- I might have some time this weekend, maybe Saturday.I am in dire need of new photos.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...count on CB Mum for a laugh;) And some info....

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the not-praying Proctor story. Looking forward to maybe-perhaps seeing Mathews County and meeting you and your mum if, if, and if...
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Occasional Kate said...

I always loved the star they put up over the holidays. I think they've done that little tradition longer than I've been alive. I do remember attending some meeting there once when we were small children, though I can't remember what for. I also can't remember the inside either. I guess I'd better stop before can't remember anything at all! LOL

deborah said...

Gosh, how many years did I fight 'going with the flow' till I finally just gave up. Lots easier now, life goes on, no matter:)
Not the praying proctor, what a funny story!
The shadows on the Church create an awesome photo

Daryl said...

I am so glad you took the time to take these .. the light/shadows are perfection!