Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ant Wars

View of Queens Creek.  And the arsenal for the War on Ants. 

Once upon a time,
in a land far away,
in a tiny little county
on the Chesapeake Bay,

lived one ant,
two ants, three ants, four,
ten kajillion ants, sixteen bazillion ants,
ants, ants galore!

There also was a Woman
named Chesapeake Bay
whose ant frustrations
were impossible to allay.

She killed and she sprayed
and she set out those traps.
And the ants,while they laughed,
said snidely, "We're not saps."

Just when she thought
she would never live ant-free,
she was contacted by Terro,
a most wonderful company.

Terro sent her an arsenal
that squelched that ant laughter,
and Chesapeake Bay Woman and Terro
lived happily ever after.

Without ants. The End.

Ant Season runs from January through December February through the summer in Mathews County. Terro Anti-Ant Experts (aka Terroists) suggested that in some areas of the country a single approach such as setting only indoor traps is not enough, and a multi-faceted approach must be employed.  The solution that works best for me is a combination of the following:  plenty of indoor liquid bait traps; several of the larger outdoor traps set around the perimeter of the house and near the doors; and tons of spray all around the doors, window sills, electrical sockets, baseboards, plumbing fixtures and armpits.

In Mathews you can get Terro at Moughons (aka Sutton and Kline).

Disclaimer:  Chesapeake Bay Woman was not paid one cent to endorse Terro. She just feels very strongly about its ant fighting capabilities--but only if you use the multi-faceted approach described above. 

May the Terro be with you and the ants be gone.

View of some Mathews County daffodils.  And products from my BFF Terro.


Anonymous said...


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you, mer!

Lynne M said...

I will be there to get some Terro this weekend!! We are being overrun by ants, too! I opened the shower curtain to get out this morning, and one of the cats was on the toilet looking at the floor in horror, and there was a mini carnival going on in the floor.. all ants!! Why, in Heaven's name are they in the bathroom?! Nobody eats anything in the bathroom. Why, why, why????

WV: I need a good shmst to get rid of these things!!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I hope you thank Terro in your book dedication...

Maria_NJ said...

Seems like you found the best defense for the offense! Not too much of a problem here, but i know what to get now, just in case. thank you...

wv: proolas: If I don't get off this computer soon and go for my walk, I am going to get proolas in my fingers, from all this computer time!!

Grandma J said...

I want to marry Terro.

TSannie said...

I had the great joy of having one of those liquid Terro traps turn over. Sticky MESS doesn't even come close to the horror created! However, I'll put up with that because that little trap can take care of one heck of a lot of ants!
Love your poem, Ms. J.

WV: gremme: An overturned liquid Terro trap makes everything it comes in contact with very very gremme.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Yep it's the best stuff evah!

Daryl said...

Does it work on Fiddler Crabs? We get ants in the spring .. but no major infestation ... I use their traps and the work great ...

Anyone who doesnt appreciate your sharing this is an ingirt (WV)

Diane said...

I am now in the know about ants. And happy that they don't stampede our home!

What's with all the entis? wv

deborah said...

Let's hope the ants move in with Gustav this year-
Love your poetry!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Maybe the Terro would work on Gustav?

Oh, sorry, that was mean. Did I say that with my out loud voice? My bad.

Anonymous said...

think of the traffic that will come by today!!

Bethie said...

Terro is da bomb! Ant bomb!

Annie said...

Glad you have found an approach that works for you! Wish I could get rid of the mouse in the apartment here. Seems I am the mouse catcher...I need a cat! Nearly got him last night...try again tonight.

Your ants seem just as bad as the cockroaches we wage war against back home. Never ends.

Country Girl said...

Damn girl, you've got some serious ants down there on the bay!
Glad you've got it under control.