Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Things

Williams Wharf

Welcome to the day of the week known as Three Thing Thursday, where you have a chance to make Chesapeake Bay Woman's day by leaving a comment with three (or more) thoughts, however random they may seem, whatever happens to be on your mind.

CBW will go first, only because there's no other way around it.

1.  On Monday, March 14th, from 5 - 6, there is a meeting at the library for any vendors considering participating in the Mathews Farmers Market.  My children, my mother and I sold daffodils and CB Mother's artwork for a couple of weekends last year, and we really loved it.  Middle Peninsula residents can sell anything they make, bake or grow.  Contact Rebecca at (804) 725-8916 if you're interested in participating.

2.  All that Farmers Market stuff would be great practice for the Gwynn's Island Festival, which is June 25th. With any luck, I hope to be selling crab hats at this year's event.

3.  What does it say about my life that I am looking forward to selling daffodils and crab hats in my "spare" time? (On second thought, don't answer that.)  

4.  On April 9th at Williams Wharf, the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society is sponsoring a 3-Mile Run, 1-Mile Pet Walk.  Click here to access the GMHS's home page and scroll down to the Events section for details and  registration forms.

5. Remember that the number three on Three Thing Thursday is just a suggestion.  Usually CBW cannot even go by her own guidelines, so feel free to color outside the lines and provide as little or as much as you want in the comments section.

Now it's your turn.

Thank you in advance for participating. Your comments are very much appreciated, and I love reading them even if I don't always get a chance to respond properly.


judi said...

Earaches are not for sissies. The other night I almost wished for my grandfather who believed that blowing cigarette smoke in my ear would cure them when I was small.

Dogs sweat even in winter, if you don't let your dog roll in the snow in the winter then bath them.

How do you tell the "it comes with the lease" housekeeper you have had for less than 6 weeks she can't clean a toilet right? Show her?

Kay L. Davies said...

1. My dog loves to roll in the snow. She loves to roll on the carpet, too, but that's different. In warm weather she likes to roll on the lawn.
2. My dog ate cantaloupe tonight, quite a bit of it. I hope it agrees with her, because she really liked it.
3. I say "my dog" but she is "our dog" - my husband says "my dog" too.
4. (Because I only found out now that 3 was merely a suggestion.) My dog loves my husband best. True fact.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Rain, rain, go away.

2. Our home repairs should start next week sometime and may last for 4 weeks (which is what the work agreement says, so that probably means 4 months, right?)

3. After heroic attempts to save it, they declared our sectional sofa a loss. Now I'm feeling completely overwhelmed at the prospect of having to actually SHOP for furniture - we are usually Those People who will take whatever castoffs anyone wants to give us. Haven't bought a sofa since the mid-1990s. Pray for me.

deborah said...

1. What fun it will be to sell daffodils and crab hats! Will you wear your crab hat while selling the flowers? Daffodils are my favorite flowers, and I just can't imagine having so many that you can cut and sell them! Fantastic!

2. Raining today as it did yesterday. So thankful it isn't snow! Spring has to be right around the next corner, doesn't it?

3. Sleep-deprived this morning, only 3 hours sleep. Ugh, how did I use to do this on a regular basis?

Maria_NJ said...

1. April showers bring May flowers...Oh carp, wrong month, its raining here too!!

2. Might need a new heating and air system, where do we come up with THAT much money?

3. Starr loves my husband best but baby Zuzu, is all me!! OK that is not true but it sounds good...

wv: dearbetr: what you must NEVER do to Bambi!


Annie said...

two more sleeps.

brother in law still in hospital, been walking around though, an improvement.

it isn't raining here...for a change,
although they are getting way too much again in the north again.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. My ex has been stalking my blog. This resulted in my having to delete two entries because I mentioned him (not by name). He stated he didn't want to be named, so of course (and all those who know anything about Harry Potter know where I'm going) he will forever be referred to as: Lord Voldemort: He Who Must Not Be Named.
2. Avoided certain doom this morning by being able to fix the computer with a backup. Of course the supposed virus is still there. How shall I go about telling my boss he needs to spend money on a REAL IT guy because you can't fix viruses by kicking the computer- which is how I fix the weird noise it sometimes makes.
3. I will sell ducky floats at the Gwynn's Island Festival if I can get a spot next to your crab hat booth. Maybe I can sell signed copies of my artwork.
4. Looks like I WILL be in town April 9th weekend.
5. My mom told me to GO BUY THAT STUFF YOUR FRIEND USES FOR ANTS! CBW, your ant crusade is legendary.

These Nine Acres said...

Waking up to wet dog smell is not pleasant.

I like people who are on time.

Even though I am usually late.


Trisha said...

1. Free CDs are so much fun to get in the mail.

2. After all of my degrees and my years in this program (to become an American Sign Language Interpreter), I am SOOOOOO done with school!

3. Cats make good screen-blockers when they climb onto the computer desk and sit down in the middle of everything.

TSannie said...

I have no brain cells...

Country Girl said...

1. It's windy as hell and the rains coming down sideways.
2. George is asleep. I hope he stays asleep and doesn't wake up my husband.
3. I'm watching Lord Love a Duck on Netflix. I may get tired of it real soon.