Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things

Step right up, folks, to the three-ring circus known as Chesapeake Bay Woman's life Three Thing Thursday, where everyone is encouraged to share three things, whatever happens to be on your mind at the moment.

I'll go first.

1a. Today at work someone told me I had a sense of style. Clearly, they're unaware I walk around town at parades and festivals sporting a crab hat. (Click here if you've not yet seen a picture of that.)

1b. I've always considered my fashion style to be more of the Classic Truck Driver vintage, sans chewing tobacco stains.

1c. After howling with laughter at the sense of style remark, I took inventory of what I was wearing:  a ninety-nine-cent pink plastic necklace that was on clearance at Fashion Bug; a shirt, approximately 5 years old, purchased on clearance from Peebles; jeans that I've owned for approximately 8 years held up by a plastic (or is the term "pleather") belt; and relatively new shoes, also likely crafted by the pleather elves,  purchased at 75% off (making them approximately $5) from Target.  I'm not sure what all this says about my sense of style, but it ought to speak volumes as to how little I invest in my wardrobe.

2.  This week Chesapeake Bay Son, who recently obtained his learner's permit, put the car in reverse and went backwards so fast--with nary a glance to see what was behind him - that I thought death whiplash was surely imminent.  Fortunately, there were no grandmothers, children, pets, or personal injury lawsuits other cars behind him.  He said it was because he wasn't wearing socks and his shoes didn't fit right and therefore when he hit the accelerator Oh, Calgon, please just take me away now! I can't think about this any more because my brain is starting to hurt.

3. One of the many things I've been struggling with juggling over the past week or so involved a day trip with Chesapeake Bay Son to VCU Medical Center in Richmond to see a vascular surgeon for a heart defect.  The long story short is even if you have an appointment you can expect to wait four hours he does not require surgery for the defect, and everything should be fine. Unless there are certain symptoms.  And so far there are none.

3b.  However, if Chesapeake Bay Son doesn't start glancing into the rear and side view mirrors before gently easing the car into reverse, his mother may well require immediate cardiac attention such that she's considering purchasing one of those portable defibrillators to carry with her at all times.

Now it's your turn.  Please share whatever is on your mind, and if you can't think of anything, tell me the three best things that have happened to you this week.  


Lynne M said...

1. I am happy to hear that CB Son doesn't need surgery, I know that is a huge weight off your shoulders.

2. Being 8 months pregnant and sick really is no fun.

3. Been thinking of Grandma alot lately, not sure why. Mainly the things she used to say, such as "Bennie will be here directly." The "directly" was pronounced "dreckly".

growing wild on waverly lane said...

CB son has to refine his skills but I must warn you it may be congenital. I see a lot of Uncle Harold the brain surgeon in him. You know, his scholarly love of science, his politeness, and his miserable depth perception. And may I add, an appreciation for certain lovely ladies who, unfortunately, divert his attention from safe driving.

Spring is in the air.

I can't think of another thing.


Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Word on the street is that I'm off my meds and crazier than a dodo bird looking for a mate.(I watched Ice Age the other night hence the dodo bird kick). And while my sense of style leans towards rubber ducky flotation devices I can't say I'm all that crazy. And the only lithium I've ever used is in the form of batteries for my electronic devices.

2. My daughter is learning to drive. She drove with me once. She now only drives with my father.

3.I had the strangest dream last night that CBW and I were trapped on these floating docks and that there were hundreds of sharks swimming around. We had to hop across the water on crab pots that were full of crabs trying to pinch us. The Brat Child woke me up before I found out the end. Maybe I'm playing too much Mario Brothers.

3b. Maybe I should rethink #1 and start licking my batteries.

WV: reallat- similar to the slang "True dat", reallat means yes, that is in fact real

maria_nj said...

Good morning all.

CBW so glad your son does not have to have surgery, I know that you can relax about that now. No, the other Maria from last year was not me. I found YOU from the Blog Cabin thing just a couple of months ago when I was looking for more insight about Mathews County (yes girl, when you Google, you come up). Thank you for hoping I win the BC, I have my shopping list already made up with what I have to take with me for those Spring Rolls...

1. Well I don't know if I want to say this publicly or not, but I started back to a healthier me. I swear over my 56 years I must have lost and gained at least 400 lbs. No, I am not exaggerating. I had knee surgery in Sept and this 212lbs is not doing my poor knee any good, not to mention I have been doing a standing job for 32 years. So it is time. 2 years ago lost 50 lbs, slooooowly it found its way home. It is time to start again. Please wish me luck.

2. I am going to take my Starr for a walk this morning if it kills me...

3. Lynne, I hope you feel better, but just think, in a very short time you will take part in one of life's greatest miracles...I'm a little jealous, I loved being pregnant with my 3 kids...

everybody have a wonderful day...


Mrs F with 4 said...

1. SO, SO glad that CB Son does not require surgery;

2. He was, obviously, aiming for That Goose;

3. Whoever in Quebec named Spring Break 'La Semaine de Relache' had no idea what they were talking about, and had not borne four children in six years. Relaxing? For WHOM, exactly?

3a. Are my ears bleeding from the whining yet? It could be their whining, or my own. I think I'm going to try 'wining' instead.

deborah said...

1. What a relief for you! Wonderful news that CB son doesn't have to have surgery.

Not so wonderful that said Son is doing what I did when first learning to drive with these exceptions - it was a standard, and I backed straight which took me in reverse over a steep hill. My father was in the car for the first and last time. Ever:) So if you wear pink socks and pink shirts and pants out in public, I will say - it's the stress.

2. Laughing at Jamie, let me know if licking those batteries works:))

3. Since my son bought a 900" flat screen tv, we have decided to go to HDTV. Who'd a thunk that it requires trips to the cable company, fancy boxes filled with the necessary magic and a service call?

4. CBW, I am sure you are the best dressed always! No matter the price, its the style that counts!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Reporting in from Crispy Acres to share that 1) our claim still hasn't been settled, 2) I'm getting tired of the plywood and plastic sheeting where my wall used to be, and 3) the wet ashtray smell outside is abating but hasn't completely disappeared.

There's a community meeting tonight to rehash the fire fallout, featuring our county executive and the fire chief. Members of our neighborhood are planning to show up in force. The invitation flyer included a very helpful note suggesting that wild fires aren't uncommon at this time of year and homeowners should be careful about their BBQ grills, taking out fireplace ashes, etc. Um, are you implying that it might have been MY fault that there is now a gaping hole in the wall? I DON'T THINK SO. Someone needs to be dopeslapped.

Daryl said...

LOVE those bird shots .. SOOOOOOOO glad CBS's heart is good in more ways than one and tell him from his BigApple Blister Aunt that its better to drive w/o shoes .. oddly I understand completely what happened to him as its happened to me .. however he must remove the shoes prior to entering the vehicle because removing/attempting to remove shoes whilst vehicle is in motion can cause serious harm to vehicle, self and/or can get one stopped by the authorities .. I know this because it too happened to me ..

WV hickl .. its when someone suck kisses your neck and you laugh

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

CB Mumma/Growing Wild on Waverly - Guess what? There WAS a girl classmate of his walking nearby when this incident happened (after soccer practice), and I noticed he glanced in her direction more than once, which was way more times than he glanced into the rear view mirror.

Serenity now.

Jamie - You make me laugh-lots. Thank you for that. Also, I can interpret that dream for you. I believe it involves the dodo birds referenced in yesterday's comments.

Have a great day, all. And thanks so much for your comments. Thursdays are always the best for comments.

These Nine Acres said...

Holy cow! What a week! I think I dress about the same as you. We have the same values in clothing...comfortable and on sale!

Karen Deborah said...

1. I would like to talk to your FB friend with RSD. That is a yes please.
2. MPM found RSD hope and told me.
3. Changing my blog to blurting the raw truth of my life has been very positively received & I am getting a lot of support that I really NEED.

Karen Deborah said...

ps I refuse to drive with teenage anyone learning to drive for said reasons. my heart can no longer tolerate any kind of surprise in an automobile.
I have been known to cuss scream and hit in situations like that. Does CBS have a black eye? NO? Tell him how grateful to you he should be and make him wash and wax that vehicle this weekend for penance.

Country Girl said...

1. The best thing is that I think we have the disability issue cleared up for my husband with the SSA office. The key word being 'think'.

2. I am so glad I am not 8 months pregnant. (Sorry Lynne M).

3. I only did one really stupid thing today. I consider this a blessing.

Love you.

joe blow said...

Had laser surgery today for 3rd retina tear.

2.Glad its 2011 and they don't use hot needles anymore.

3. Ditto 2