Monday, March 12, 2012


Although I can't remember the exact day, some time in the past week after a bout of rain, the sun peaked out just long enough to say hello before retiring for the evening.

(Ignore that blue piece of trash which blew out of the pile of stuff intended for the fire pit.
It's still there a week later, btw.)

Although my back yard faces east, the sunsets behind me often produce spectacular light shows on the creek.

This particular evening there was no wind at all. 

The sunlight brought out the best in the trees, who felt obliged to reflect all that goodness on the water. 

This week will be a busy one between stuff going on at work and a court appearance on Tuesday to obtain Chesapeake Bay Son's official driver's license.

(Around here the judge presents the 16-year-old with a license.  Serious business.   They didn't do that when I was coming along, let me tell you. Things were so lax back then, you could purchase a fake ID from an ad in the back of a teen magazine. That ID then granted you access to the Spectrum under the bridge at Yorktown.  Someone I know may or may not have purchased one, it's hard to remember that far back.  Anyway, even the official driver's licenses were easily altered if one felt compelled to do so, not that I did.  This is a story for another time.  Thankfully CB Son, who comfortably distances himself from his mother's blog, won't read this until he's 40. CB Mother, I don't think I had a fake ID but I did go to the Spectrum. Janice Blake somehow got us in. Slapwater was playing. We sang Double Dutch bus on stage.  It was a school night. It's all good.)

Posts might be light on words but heavy on photos this week since there's an overabundance in the stockpile that needs to be shared.

Stay tuned tomorrow for shots of something that landed in my back yard over the weekend; something I never expected to see there. Ever.

No, it was not a UFO.  Not this time anyway.

Have a great week.


deborah said...

Lovely the reflections!
Congrats to CBW son on obtaining his driver's license!
Have a great week!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks, Deborah, you too.


It occurred to me that I should probably clarify that he's had his temporary license for some time now. (What an adjustment being the mother of a driving teen.) This is the presentation of the official license. Have to take him out of school early, spiff him up and drive to the next county over to appear in court. Serenity now.

Meg McCormick said...

The JUDGE gives you a drivers license? Does a lecture come with it? I was out again with my son, practicing driving yesterday. He graduated from parking lots Friday to suburban neighborhood driving Saturday to A QUARTER MILE ON A MARYLAND STATE ROUTE on Sunday. So if you live in or around Gaithersburg, be warned, and watch out for the big blue Suburban with too many miles on it...

I requested Double Dutch Bus at my friend's 40th birthday party in December. What a great song!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Congrats on the license! I can't wait for Midge to get her car- less driving for me to and from school. I'm disappointed you didn't have a UFO land in your yard. Is it the weekend yet??

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. Are your trees already that green or are those pines? And welcome to the world of a driving child. I hope you are caught up on your sleep....

Daryl Edelstein said...

Here you take a written test to get your learners permit. Then you can drive with a licensed adult in the car and learn to drive .. then you take a 'road' test .. I flunked parking and had to repeat .. then I flunked again because a truck was parked blocking a stop sign .. 3rd time was the charm ... I now can park like a champ and never ever miss stop signs .. and I loved all those photos ...

Note to LLC .. aha! so you now are less anonymous but still impossible to reply to directly .. just want you to know Rose is feeling better, the grass was a good suggestion and I thank you for lurking!!!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Excuse me if I don't revisit the horror of having to trust your children and knowing you are the biggest chump in history. I was. I could write a book on Baby Sis alone...and you have heard the outline.

How is it a lonely underprivileged child, too poor to misbehave, (me) has had to endure the panorama of colorful misdeeds I was unable to experience. Good by circumstance, hardly virtuous, and feeling envious.

Maybe in my next life I will get to be cute, clueless and happily breaking all the rules.

Don't cry for me Argentina, or any other country, I have managed to defame myself in old age. I can't be outdone by my daughters! Better late than never!

Dghawk said...

I love how everything looks so clean and fresh after a rain. And have you ever noticed in summer after a good thunderstorm (if thunderstorms were good), everything is so much greener? I've learned that the lightning gives off nitrogen which the plants imediately absorb making them greener. Like dinner for the earth from Mother Nature.

Beautiful pictures as always, and a BIG congrats to CB Son!

Country Girl said...

That first photo is sublime.

Unlike what is probably in your yard.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

deborah-Hope your husband is doing better.

Meg-I do believe a speech comes with it, but I'll let you know for sure. Good luck with yours. It's completely unnerving, the whole experience.

DJ - A UFO didn't land this particular time but there was the time I thought one was coming down the creek and to this day have no explanation for it. We'll discuss this weekend.

MPM- Those are pine trees, but green is popping through in the grass. In fact my father cut my back yard this evening. There was more involved than a mere grass cutting but I'll save that story until I can download the photographic evidence.

Daryl-If you can parallel park you have my utmost admiration. If I can't go into a spot head first I am not going to park there. Which of course is ridiculous and wrong.

Wild on Waverly/WOW/Mom upside down - I really didn't do anything awful, honestly. I cannot speak to Baby Sis, however and probably don't want to know everything there. Of course Middle Sis is not without her stories either. Let's just say we all had fun and lived to tell about it. The End.

DGHawk-Fascinating, and I do agree everything looks greener after a rain or a thunderstorm. Thanks, as always.

CG-There's nothing sublime about my yard. Just spent two hours...well will explain it in another post later in the week when I can download the pics.


Even though it's Monday, usually not the best of days, I loved coming home and being able to go outdoors and enjoy daylight for a few hours. I'm starting to feel human again.

thomas said...

Excellent , a stunning view to see out your door. Few are so lucky.