Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yacht Club

At the end of Route 696 along the banks of Stutts Creek in Redart is a place called the Yacht Club.

(Even though that sign clearly states Mathews Yacht Club, we call it the Yacht Club. Since we're standing in Mathews and there's only one yacht club, we feel it is a bit ridiculous to call it the Mathews Yacht Club.  Well, maybe I'm the only one who has ever reflected on this topic before, but I know what I know, and that is I've never once heard anyone call it the Mathews Yacht Club even if it is clearly documented on this and other signs on the property. 

Now, for all I know, the members congregate every week and sing an anthem whose chorus repeats "Mathews Yacht Club" over and over again.

Still, it's just the Yacht Club to us Regular Folk.

Who here is ready to stampede out of this blog if CBW doesn't move along and stop obsessing over this irrelevant background information?

CB Mother, put your hand down.)

Most of the people I grew up with have been to the Yacht Club at least once whether they were members or not--and most of them weren't.

The building above, in addition to holding regular events for members, is often rented out for wedding receptions, class reunions, anniversaries, and other special occasions. My tenth high school reunion was here, and I believe that was the first time I'd ever been inside the clubhouse.

The immediate Chesapeake Bay Family was not exactly known to run in the Yacht Club-type circles, which is perhaps best exemplified by our recent Thanksgiving celebration at the Golden Corral. Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Still, that's probably not something you'd want to put on your application for membership at the Yacht Club.

But I digress.

My paternal grandparents may have had some involvement with the Yacht Club, I don't recall. CB Mother perhaps can fill in those gaps.

The bottom line is the Yacht Club doesn't just let Any Old Body join, and if memory serves there used to be lots of old bodies quite the waiting list for people interested in joining.

Full-fledged Yacht Club members are able to take advantage of the marina, the bar/dining area, and the swimming pool. They're also able to use terms like "Rear Commodore" without batting an eye or stifling a snicker.

That last sentence is Reason # 56 that Chesapeake Bay Woman would never be allowed in as a member of the Yacht Club, right after Reason # 55, which covers her defensive basketball/boxing out moves around the mashed potato tray at the Golden Corral on Thanksgiving.

The swimming pool.

Back when I was coming along, two places offered summer pool memberships:  the Islander and the Yacht Club.  Presumably the Yacht Club was for members only.

The Chesapeake Bay Family went to the Islander, a heavenly paradise that had to be experienced to be fully understood.

Occasionally, though, I'd come to the Yacht Club as someone's guest and will always associate this pool with one thing and one thing only:  salt water.

Of course the salt water was treated, but if you happened to lick your lips or whatever while swimming there was no mistaking the salt. That always struck me as odd, perhaps because nothing but salt water surrounds Mathews County and the very last thing I'd expect to taste when jumping into a swimming pool is salt.  That salt water, which tasted just like the creek, caused me to instinctively worry about things like stinging nettles and crabs. And eels.  We have eels in our creek.

I don't think I ever found any, of course, but the association detracted from my ability to fully relax, that's for sure.

Back in the early 2000s, the Chesapeake Bay Children took swimming lessons here.  I'll never forget the instructor telling me that Daughter should try out for a swim team.  She was about five at the time. Mathews doesn't have a swim team, though.

Nor a dive team, which was what I was practicing for over on the Islander's diving board during the summers of my teen years. I could do a one and a half, a half gainor, back dives, back flips--Lord I loved going off that diving board.

Once again, I digress.

Out back there is a small marina.

Note the sign that says MYC.

Thanks to my recent illness, which allowed me nothing but chicken broth and crackers for the past 48 hours, my brain evidently has turned into cracker meal automatically launches into the Mickey Mouse Club song:

M-Y-C....See ya real soon!
K-E-Y...Why?  Cuz we like you!
Em Oh You Ess Eeeee.

The above is reason # 88 that CBW will never be considered for membership to this or any other club. Although she may have a decent shot at the Mickey Mouse Club, if she were interested.

Stutts Creek


Kay L. Davies said...

My present answering machine can't be programmed, but my previous one could. My husband refused to let me say on it "D-I-C-K-A-Y—H-O-U-S-E, talk to you real soon!" but I don't know why. I didn't suggest I sing, for heaven's sake.
I've been a guest at more than one yacht club, but have never been invited to join. I haven't a high enough snob rating, and I can't say I'm exactly working on it, either.

deborah said...

Hope you are feeling better!
You aren't the only one who has multiple reasons why you shouldn't or wouldn't join a toney club:)
Most members are sincere about their snobbery and I always get the giggles when around such types-
Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Club memberships are nature's way of separating the insecure folks from those of us non-snobby, fabulous types --only insecure people need an invented social structure to elevate them into exclusivity.
You sound like you may have had a little fever to go with all the queasies--feel better !

Deltaville Jamie said...

First and foremost, I immediately thought of the Mickey Mouse Club and began singing in my head when I saw MYC, BEFORE you mentioned it. It is really scary that our brains think the same. Deltaville has a swim team, the Sharks I believe. Deltaville also has several yachty type clubs since we have several marinas. It's all a little too Hoity Toity in D-ville these days.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Husband's mother was, as he put it, "High Polluting," in these parts; but she preferred the rarefied air of the Mathews Woman's Club, of which she was president as well as the Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs, which she presided over. Yes, you are one-half snob. As far as I know they were not members of the Yacht Club. Her husband, the General, hated all clubs except his weekly poker group. Their close friends were definitely membeers.

Daryl Edelstein said...

I had no idea there were yachts in Mathews ... la de da! I hope you are feeling better ..

Anonymous said...

I had no idea any swimming pools contained salt water. Thanks for the unexpected information. Tom

Dghawk said...

My, my. Do we feel better, or are you delirious from a fever or the meds you are taking?

Anyway, I've never been to a yacht club. Just the local marina, and I haven't been there for quite some time.

Loved the pictures.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hey there, after a bit of reflection and a little bit of solid food, I would like to put down for the record that the water was SALTY (vs. salt water, there's a big difference). It just tasted salty, not that I go drinking pool water, but that's all I remember about that Yacht Club pool is the taste of salt.

Also, Averett Lady Nana left a comment about the Yacht Club on the previous post, so I am copying it here for posterity since it's fantastic:

"Mercy Girl you brought me another flood of memories. My GD was one of the founding members. He gave my parents one of his shares of stock he still owned though I don't recall him ever going down there. Not sure how old I was...maybe 10 or 11...after he sold his boat we went out on weekends. The the front was flat back then and there was a window left to the door where you could buy snacks when at the pool. The pool looks the same but it was not salt water back then. The big thing for girls was to get there early to get a spot on the box covering the filtration system in the back right corner by the deep end. Still have a scar on my right big toe in bunion area where I jammed it in the end of the net to scoop leaves and pineneedles from the water a crescent cut that took forever to heal and bled like crazy. Probably needed stitches it was that bad. They had teenage dances there in the summer $1 for members and $2 for non-members. Every teen in the county was there and the comeheres staying at cotteges. Records went to live band. First one was a group from Richmond who had cottage on the Island. Then some local teens got one together and played there.

When I was in college the Islander sold pool memberships and I got one there as one summer for $100. as the filter system was on the fritz at the Yacht Club and no pool...several left the YC that summer and joined the Islander...don't know what it was for a family but I had a single teen membership. Two friends/neighbor families joined there and I'd meet them there and help watch their children."

Thank all of you for your comments, and thanks Averett Lady Nana for sharing your memories, they're priceless.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, also, Deltaville Jamie, the fact that our minds went to the same obscure place (the Mickey Mouse Club!)is shocking to me.

I almost deleted that reference for fear that they'd haul me off to Eastern State Hospital. (Whoever "they" are...maybe they're the Mathews Blog Enforcement.)

Anyway, thank you ever so much for being as weird as I am!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, also, thanks Mumma (Wild on Waverly or WOW), I had no idea I was one half snob aka one half "high pollutin'".

(So Daddy's issues with words, like saying flaptop instead of laptop, date waaaay back? I have to give him props for "high polluting." That's borderline genius, however unintended, when you think of it. Or, as he would say in describing himself, almost perfect.)

Of course you know which half of the gene pool prevails, though.

There's nothing high pollutin' here. When do we hit the Golden Corral again? I've perfected my strategy and food aquisition moves.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

I stopped using big words on him after he was stumped by "constipation." (The word) Of course nowadays if he said, "What's constipation?," it would be blatant sarcasm, given old age's side effects.

I still think his word for adult diapers is his masterpiece: "Pretends!"

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

WOW - Pretends (vs. Depends) really has to go down on record as being one of the best Daddyisms of all time.

Because of course if you're wearing Depends you are in fact pretending that you're not doing what the Depends are there to help you with.

Pretends makes sense to me. Nothin' high pollutin' about that.

Or is there...

Dghawk said...

OK!OK! Enough already! I've laughed so hard, I had a hard time reading after "constipation"! Every time I would get to that word I would bust up again. Are you sure you and WOW aren't dipping into that salty water?

Actually, I think we can blame it on the moon. It's full tonight.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

DGH- It's just the Mathews water, or the gene pool. Take a dive in either one and you come out talkin' about Depends, Pretends, High Fallutin',High Pollutin' laptops, flaptops and Golden Corral. golden Corral pretty much punctuates that sentence.

You're not that far away, though, so unless you're ready to step over to the Dark Side, I'd advise you to drink bottled water from now on.

We're here to catch you when you fall, though. In a crab net, donning crab hats.

Good to hear from you, as always.

Mental P Mama said...

Lawsy...the comments in here are priceless. And, I think the Blisters need to find a way to go there....

Maria_NJ said...

M man

Y your

C cute...

Meg McCormick said...

Fun! And beats the pants off of the community swimming pool in my hometown...

Anonymous said...

I remember swimming in that pool. A friend of ours was lifeguard and we granted "daylong memberships" by our friend. I also remember your friend and mine Robbie riding his bike off of the end of one of the docks into the creek. Why did Robbie do it? Because he is Robbie. I also remember ice skating on the creek with one of our teachers, Ms. Solo, in front of Ponton's house when we were juniors.

David D

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

David, I can absolutely see Robbie doing that. Repeatedly even.

Ice skating on the creeks around here used to be quite the pastime. Sadly the creeks don't freeze solid any more.

Good to hear from you. Tell Robbie I said hey if you talk to him.

Also, we have a 30 year high school reunion to think about...

Anonymous said...

@ DgHawk-- I have sore ribs from laughing myself. I need a grant to film this hilarious family--or better yet, I think CBW needs to write a book about the whole clan.
CBW--you have been wondering what your next book should be about ? Are you SERIOUS ? Your father is a Malapropism GENIUS ! I don't even need to comment on your mom's withering observations, LOL.

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