Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Things

This old house lives in an area known as Blakes.

It sits just off of Route 198 near the intersection with Route 626, Hallieford Road.

(These photos may or may not have been taken from a moving vehicle.)

The aging building below 

is nearby.  There used to be a dead school bus in the thicket adjacent to this building, however I haven't seen it in a long time.  For all I know the bus is still there, and the thicket which has grown even thicker has completely consumed it.

My father knows what this place used to be--and I should know because I've heard him talk about it.

However, as I write this the hour is late and the day has been long.

Questions about the particulars of these places can be answered another day. (Or in the Comments if you happen to know the answer.)

For now since it's Thursday, if you feel like sharing Three Things, please do.

My three things are:

1.  I'll be relieved when today is over with, thanks to an hour-long presentation this introvert must give at work. Believe it or not, I am using the crab hat as a prop. My boss couldn't believe it when asked, but after I explained its purpose in relation to the topic, he not only gave me the green light, he gave me props for creativity.  

2.  Saturday will be a good--nay, great--day spent with great friends.

3.  For the life of me I do not understand why I continue to use the word nay.  

4.  (Because 3 is only a suggestion.) Friday night Chesapeake Bay Daughter and I will be working the dinner shift at the Courthouse Restaurant in Gloucester to raise money for her 8th grade trip.  If you're local to the area and are in the mood for a spaghetti dinner, stop on by.

Feel free to leave your thoughts (three, four, however many) in the Comments section.  When I return home from the grueling day that will be tomorrow, I will be thrilled to read them.  If you can incorporate the almost extinct word "nay" (which dates to the 13th century, just like CBW's cell phone) into the mix, all the better.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Funny you mention antiquated cell as I do in the northern part of Silicon Valley, I had the nerve to pull out my old, trusty & functional model (which I value for its low radiation output)at an AT&T store. The sales clerks exploded in laughter at the very sight of it. (My husband was the one buying a new phone).
I give you props for the crab hat also. Good luck to you & daughter with the spaghetti dinner.

deborah said...

Best of luck on your presentation! Wearing your crab hat will at least have everyone laughing:)
The husband walked two blocks yesterday! That is big, he is still so weak-
Good luck with the spaghetti dinner. Do you deliver?:)

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Saturday is going to be the best day ever, nay, the greatest day in all the land.

2. The Brat Child is excited to show off his sexy, nay, hexy haircut at lunch.

3. Verily, I can not wait until the weekend.

(I get extra points for verily)

Maria_NJ said...

Would you believe that my bad girl Zuzu ate one of my crab hats! akkkk!
I was so mad at her!!

I worked outside yesterday for like 5 hours, I am having some trouble with my legs wanting to move this morning, getting old is not for sissy's!

I wish that I didn't have to go to my "wonderful" job and could just sell on e-Bay...
(wow those were random!)

have a wonderful weekend...

Daryl Edelstein said...

a thicker thicket .. say that 3X .. and are you cooking, serving or entertaining? Budinsky Blister begs to know

Windsmurf said...

Wow, Thursday again already.
1. My Grandson, who is now staying with me and also working temporarily driving a cab, brought home a little puppy that he rescued from a passenger who asked to be brought to the river so he could throw said puppy in because he hated the puppy. The poor thing was starving, all of her bones stuck out and she was lathargic, but still very friedly and sweet. We brought her to the Vet the next morning and she had several problems, but nothing serious so the Vet treated her and she is now well on her way to recovery. The Vet said she is less than 10 weeks old (still has all puppy teeth) and oh yeah, she is a Great Dane...A GREAT DANE!!! She is only 18 pounds now but will grow to be at least 140 pounds. She is very friendly and of course she has a new home here.
2. The cat, who has terrorized my Golden Retriever for the past year, is not happy. The puppy wants to play with him and is not at all afraid of him. They will work out a truce soon I expect.
3. My Golden is OK with the puppy but not so interested in having his tail played with. They'll become friends once they declare their boundaries.
4. Such is life in my house this week.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. God bless you, Windsmurf, and your grandson who can stay with me anytime. What kind of person gets a puppy and throws it in the water?

2. Hope your presentation goes swimmingly in crustacean style; and your pincers are on target.

3. Daddy has been requested to burn off a neighbors shoreline! It pays to advertise.

Country Girl said...

Wishing you a great, nay a fantastic weekend with friends.
Wishing more that I could be one of them.