Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Parade, Part One

If it isn't already, this needs to be
The Official Mathews Saying.
I declare it thusly.
(Thusly?  Where does this stuff come from?)

The Mathews County Christmas parade was Saturday afternoon.  I sat in the Morgan and Edwards parking lot across from Sutton and Kline.

(Note: Some of us don't do well with change. The name of our hardware store changed from Sutton and Kline to Moughons when Methuselah was born many decades ago, yet I still cling desperately to the original name. "The Way of Life" that describes Mathews has to include "resistant to change even if it's good."

For example, when my doctor recently asked where I wanted a prescription sent, I said "the old liquor store." Even though she isn't from Mathews, she's heard that often enough to know exactly where I was talking about. She also chuckled quite a bit. This proves I'm not the only one who can't remember the new name. Or, it proves I have the mental capacity of a geriatric patient. Either/or.)

There were all sorts of entries in this year's parade.
Here we have a Gator with a roll bar. And Christmas dogs.

(Loud.  Fingers in ears loud.)

The Board of Supervisors

Golf carts were very popular.
This one was particularly festive.

Miniature horses! (Why didn't I zoom in?)

Click here for background on this particular float from the Mathews Maritime Foundation.

A subtitle of the "Way of Life" theme for Mathews must include the words "quirky," "innovative," and "eccentric." You simply had to see this in person in order to fully appreciate it. Click on the image to enlarge and take a gander at some of those finer details.

This is the way to go.

Speaking of quirky, innovative, and eccentric, this was a new entry in the Christmas parade.

The lawn mower is a very versatile, if not essential, piece of equipment for anyone living in Mathews. For example, it can grind up pine cones in your yard one minute and transport you down Main Street dressed up as a Christmas package in the parade the next.

Did I mention crazy quirky and fun-loving are essential traits of Mathews County residents?

Stay tuned for another round of parade photographs, coming soon to this blog.


Anonymous said...

CBW--great photos yesterday of your beautiful kids in their formals; you all survived ! I love the parade photos too. I think the CBW family should be in the parade as well; you are all famous enough for me.
Our town has a family-centered Christmas parade also...a bit refreshing considering we are in the tech-y heart of Silicon Valley. My grand daughter walked in the parade with her gymnastics academy. The final group parading were from a living nativity (who brave the chill several weekend nights annually, in a mini-Bethlehem tableau). They were dressed in robes, carrying palm fronds and accompanied by 6 live sheep and 2 ponies (donkeys too high maintenance?) LOL
We had zero tractors, mowers or golf carts. I was surprised that you dad wasn't driving his mower-- and doing wheelies on the street, in your parade.

Annie said...

All looks pretty good to me.

deborah said...

Love the parade pics - very inventive ways to gussy up a lawn tractor or a golf cart! The banner is perfect
our parade (which combines the Veteran's day and Christmas parade into one) featured quite a few antique tractors pulling various floats and the Shriners band which consists of older bare-chested men doing their annual dance down the street (It's a hoot...will video it next year!).

Deltaville Jamie said...

I refuse to call the 7-11 in Deltaville the 7-11. It remains the Little Sue. Just like I still refer to one building in town as the Stop N Shop even though it caught fire about 27 years ago. I do not handle change well at all. And I can attest to the versatility of the lawn mower in Mathews. I once saw a guy drive his to Hardee's and park it in a parking space and drive off down the road after he ate lunch. Love it.

Daryl said...

all i can say is if you don't go with the new names of places here in the Cranky Apple you don't go ... just sayin' ... love these photos and the parade

Meg McCormick said...

I know what you mean about when places change names. In DC, we still shop at People's, Hecht's and Woodies, Fresh Fields and Price Club, all of which changed names decades ago.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I particularly like the goggles on the guy in the last Christmas present shot;)

Country Girl said...

Laughing out loud at those presents. I mean lawn mowers.

Dghawk said...

OH,NO!! I missed the parade! I still remember the feeling I had watching last year's parade. I felt like I was on a movie set or in a time warp where everyone is so grounded and happy...like YOU! A "Way of Life" indeed! If the whole world was like Mathews, what a wonderful place it would be!

Loved the wheel house, and the lawn mowers all decked out, and the... and the...Can't wait for more pictures.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC-Thanks for your kind words. My father is in his own private parade most summer nights in the back yard (and occasionally on the dock). He actually talked about entering something in the Christmas parade once, a while back, but it wasn't a tractor. It was his meter maid vehicle that he used to conduct "perimeter checks" on the property. I did a blog post on it years ago. Will need to dig that one up...

Jamie- I've seen that lawn mower parked at Hardees only I saw a six pack strapped to the mower deck.

DGH - Missed you this year as did the Visitor Center volunteers who enjoyed talking with you last year. Whenever you're ready for a visit let me know, there is still much you need to see around here.

Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate it.

Hayley said...

That man in that red box is my husband! Hilarious. It made his day to be featured here. Thanks.