Friday, December 7, 2012

Public Landing

These were taken from Town Point Landing, just below the Court House on the East River.

Unrelated to that, the Mathews JV girls are now 4-0 with their win over Lancaster Thursday night.

Unrelated to that, Saturday night both of my babies have dates for the Holly Ball at the high school.  How will I spend the hours from the time they leave until the time they return without gnawing my fingernails down to nothing or pulling all my hair out?

Unrelated to even that, have a great weekend.


Mental P Mama said...

I expect some pre-Holly Ball pics. Q w a a

Waterman JP said...

Nice pics. I can actually see a reflection of the first photo in the hood of your vehicle.

Oh i am sure you will find something exciting to do while your babies attend the holly ball.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I want to go to the Holly Ball. Sounds like fun. --Betsy

Country Girl said...

What MPM said. And we had a Holly Ball yesterday at our school. Only ours consisted of a volleyball game. Each upper school grade dressed as either reindeer, elves, snowmen, or santas. It's always hilarious.