Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hills Bay

Near the mouth of Queens Creek. Gwynns Island to the right.

The Islander in the background.

The Islander and the Gwynns Island bridge.
(You have to pull out a magnifying glass to see the bridge though.)

Calm waters, calm skies

Because I started to twitch, flinch, and convulse at the prospect of not posting for two days in a row, I decided to peruse older pictures to see if there were some I'd forgotten about.

These were taken back in October near the mouth of Queens Creek.

Today--after I take my daughter to the doctor to see if she has a broken arm--I hope to take some new pictures. Yes, I said broken arm.

Friday night's basketball game against Lancaster was scrappy and tough. She took a very hard spill that caused me to cringe when I heard the smack on the floor. Then someone fell on top of her. This is when it takes everything in a mother's power to keep from going insane out on the court to make sure everything's OK.

But I knew I couldn't do that.

Afterwards I asked her how she felt. Fine, she said. The next day, though, she had one heckuva floor burn on her forearm.

Monday night she played another scrappy game against Northumberland but didn't complain about her arm.

Tuesday when I picked her up from practice she was grimacing.  Her arm was throbbing, she said. When I asked to look at it, I did not like what I saw.  Swelling and puffy weirdness.

("Puffy weirdness" is a technical term that only the most specialized of medical practitioners comprehend. It's also quite the fodder for the Comments section.)

My immediate reaction, which was kept to myself, was a saying I heard often growing up in Mathews:  "I don't know much, but I know that ain't right."

We'll know more after we visit our wonderful Dr. K.--who so graciously squeezed us in first thing this morning after receiving my frantic email and text.

Hope your week is going well, injury free, and full of calm waters and calm skies.


Anonymous said...

CBW--I empathize, having raised two boys who participated in contact sports. I confess one long ago soccer game had me starting to charge onto the field when a kid from a cut-throat soccer team(playing a Latin American style, decidedly NON-AYSO regulation form of soccer)injured my 8 yr.old son w/ an illegal tackle. I tried to steer my kids into non-contact forms to no-avail--just for the sake of my nerves...
Your photos are always appreciated; I can see why you and your local friends dream about resurrecting the Islander...mucho potential there !
I hope CB daughter will feel some relief soon... that swelling sounds
like No Fun.

Annie said...

Ouch, not fun. Hope she's ok.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you when you visited Northumberland! I enjoyed watching the girls play.(i had forgotten how scrappy basketball can be) I hope your daughters arm is ok. My son plays football and I was told under no circumstances was I to come onto the field if he was injured. It is hard seeing them go down but we cannot embarrass them!

Deltaville Jamie said...

I used to panic when Midge hit the floor, now I shout things like "Get up! I'm not going to the hospital tonight!" I've had to take her to the hospital a few times. Most times those ugly looking puffiness injuries end up being a bad bone bruise (in Midge's case anyway). Hope that's the most it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you remember the chipwitch incident at UVA and if you do, please don't blog about it.....but I believe that I broke my arm then. I never went to the doctor, but it got all puffy and black and blue and was extremely painful. A few years later, once I was a sports medicine major, we were reviewing the humerus bone and I have a large extra "condyle" type structure right where I hit it (as I fell down the hill between your apartment and the 7-11). Our instructor said he was pretty sure that was from a previous break. So, I broke my arm, but the chipwitch was preserved in remarkbly delicious condition.

-Middle Sis

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!! Trinia told me that she saw this; I hope her arm checks out ok and heals quickly! Her team needs her on the court!!!! Keep us posted! - Tracey

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Good news! After 4 hours spent between the doctor and the hospital for x-rays, she did not break the arm but has to wear a sling for a week.

I'll take that any day over a cast for several weeks.

What a relief. (But she can't play in tomorrow's game.)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Middle Sis, I fondly recall that chipwitch incident. What a story. There were many more, one of which included a Hardees biscuit. But per your instructions mum's the word.

Country Girl said...

What a relief that it's not broken. Wow. She plays hard!

Dghawk said...

I'm glad CB Daughter didn't break her arm. I've had plenty of strains,sprains, muscle pulls, bumps and bruises, but fortunately nothing broken.

BTW, I was going to post about my lists yesterday, but I had put them up so I wouldn't lose them, and now I can't find them.

Nice pictures, especially yesterday's barns. Love barns.

Anonymous said...

So glad it's no broken. We will miss her on the court tomorrow night, but at least she will be back soon!! Tell her we hope she feels better soon!! Let us know if y'all need anything!! - Tracey