Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Once upon a time in 2009, a tree stood on Aaron's Beach.

Submerged in sand, the tree was a comfortable distance from the bay.

(Well, maybe not so comfortable.)

The next three shots are from 2011. Same tree but much less sand.

Erosion has uncovered the bottom half of the tree.

The beach changes with every major storm.

In spite of those changes, the tree still stands.

The Chesapeake Bay Family is on spring break this week, and we hope to spend a few days in Richmond visiting the real world and its shopping malls and restaurants.  Also, we'll see Baby Sis, who is retrieving CB Son from the Staples Mill train station this evening as Daughter and I make our way there from Mathews.  

Son has many stories from his trip to NYC, one of which involves an app for the subway system that may or may not have helped him find Chinatown. He got lost on the way there or took a wrong train or missed his stop; it was unclear from the text he sent.  Nevertheless, my 17-year-old found it on his own with some assistance from the app and his iPhone's Siri.  He said the food was fabulous. (OK, so he may not have used that word.  Fabulous is my word upon hearing his description.)

I probably won't post much for the remainder of the week but hope it's a good one for you.

Happy April.


Annie said...

Love the photos of this tree CBW. Am very jealous of your beaches!
However I am hoping to move closer to ours very soon, soon as the house sells.
It is always interesting to see nature as it is and changes around us. I love observing things in my little yard here and out to the south west, watching the thunderstorms roll in etc. Always exciting. Just praying I will find another place with a great view.

Country Girl said...

The coast is always changing, as are our lives, our children, our feelings. I'm being very retrospective today. Hoping you have a wonderful spring break.

Deltaville Jamie said...

For a moment I thought you were going to show a photo with the tree gone and I panicked. I actually scrolled down to the end to see the final photo then went back and read everything. I'm impressed CBSon navigated the subway of NYC. I'd probably panic if I was on my own. In a group I'm quite the navigator.

Daryl said...

I was at the ready to come to his aid but i knew he would be resourceful ... next trip we will go to Chinatown and maybe out to Coney Island .. i hear the pizza there is fabulous (BIG WINK ;)

Dghawk said...

So, Isabelle buried the tree, and Irene uncovered it....maybe. Anyway, I hope you have a fun week. I'm sure you are excited to see CB Son, and hear of all his great adventures in the BIG city. I probably would have done alright, but I would have been a nervous wreck!

Have fun shopping! I always enjoyed Regency Mall on the west side (Stony Point was being built at that time).

Mental P Mama said...

LOL @ Daryl! Hope you are having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Passed through here today and somehow navigated my way to "weathered wood", a post from last week. You (CBW) were most kind to an old coach who is a bit weathered himself.

A nice day to all.

Meg McCormick said...

What a fun adventure for CB Son!