Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daffodil Festival

Here are more pictures from the Gloucester Daffodil Festival.

My mother was Daffodil Queen back in the day.

Her future father-in-law, who sold daffodils commercially, crowned her.

Little known fact.

I'm not sure there's any flower more cheerful than a daffodil.

These, with the salmon-colored centers, appear to be drooping but really they just can't wait to get out of their container and are sort of bickering as to who's going to get out first.  (Other people may just see a slightly off center picture of flowers in a bucket.  I could write a novel on the struggle, imagined or otherwise, these flowers seem to be experiencing.)

With everything going on in this picture, all I could focus on was Leigh's Market, which no longer stands beside the building on the far right.  My favorite grandmother, who lived on Corr Street just up the way, made us walk to the store with her since she had no license.   Once I accidentally took a candy bar from Leigh's without telling her.  I still have nightmares about her finding out.  To this day I cannot tell a lie, at least not relating to chocolate. I have been known to pilfer chocolate bars from people at work who are out of their office.  Old habits die hard.  By the way, she called Leigh's and reported the offense immediately.  I paid for that candy bar the rest of my life.  But I digress...

Although I was solely focused on the Antiques sign and the daffodil flag, the woman on the right was absolutely mortified that she might be interrupting the scene.  When she apologized for "being in the way",  I told her I wanted them in the picture, which made her clutch her bag even tighter.  They were color coordinated and took the focus off of the uncooperative daffodil flag. But she really begged to differ. 

Here the flag cooperates. The photographer probably shouldn't have chopped off the top, but chances are pretty good she was focused on the shadow in the window.

There was food, food and more food.

I'm only now reading the words on this banner.  At the time, I was mesmerized by the color and symmetry of the booth.(See above about flowers fighting to get out of baskets.  I seem to have an odd way of interpreting ordinary scenes. Truth be told, the one thing that catches my eye now that I'm looking at it again is the sign for sweet potato fries. I could go for some of those right now.)

Deep fried candy bars, anyone?

The only money I spent at the Daffodil Festival was here.  Iced tea and BBQ.  

If I'd had more time, I probably would have sampled the shrimp on a stick, which I'm guessing is a kabob, but around here you never know. There might just be one shrimp on one stick, nothing else.  The End.

If you guessed I wanted the pink hat, you'd be correct.

There was so much going on, even pony rides.  And ATMs.

The Kubota booth was a cruel reminder of what I was really supposed to be doing that day.

Lots and lots of yard work.

Then I saw something shiny!  All  household obligations were forgotten (once again) as I wondered where I might locate my own personal version of this blue tinsel hat with the daffodil adornment.

The Daffodil Festival was great. There is something for everyone even if you only go to eat people watch.


deborah said...

so much fun! I'll take 2 buckets of daffodils, please! My favorite flowers and so many in one place!
ah, your yard work will still be waiting on you when you get ready for it - maybe invite some of your children's friends for a work party?
Have a good week-

Anonymous said...

I have not been to the daffodil festival in years. I think I need to check it next year. I stole a pack of lifesavers from the A & P store when I was about 6 or 7. When my Mom found out she made me go back in and tell Harry Adams what I had done! It was so humiliating and taught me a great lesson! Funny the things that stick with you.

Daryl said...

what, she asks, are the '7 old fashion flavors' of that beer???????????

awesome photos .. and i am sure you're right about those daffs ... flowers are very intelligent

Dghawk said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure. Daffodils have always been my favorite flower. No matter what was going on where this past weekend, I couldn't have done it anyway. I had to work both days.

I'll have an oyster po' boy, please! As for the hats, I'll take the white one, and if she didn't live in Florida, my step daughter would probably like the black one.

Country Girl said...

As soon as I saw it, I knew you wanted that pink hat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the tour of the Gloucester Fest...what a beautiful little town. Daffs and sunflowers are my favorite flowers. Hats that resemble pigs would have to rank way up there too...I get the feeling that someday you will own one of those hats. The food stalls remind me of all the ones that ring the grounds of the Stanford Pow Wow (held each Mother's Day wkend) EXCEPT that there are no crab cake stands...fry bread stands, yes.
I do not "get out much" but will go, as always, to the Pow Wow...a fabulous event for people watching--(biggest on the west coast and over 40 years old ).