Monday, April 29, 2013

Nashville II

Photo stolen from Mental P. Mama, aka Lauren.

Once upon a time, two small-town girls hopped on a plane to Nashville to visit their dear friend Lauren and subject themselves to the torture of a race called Monsoon Marathon and participate in the St. Jude's Country Music Half Marathon.


The attentive Assistant Manager and Snack Supervisor at Chez Lauren is none other than the world-renowned, Culinary Institute of America-trained  Ms. Dora T. E. Ward. 

The T. E. stands for The Explorer.

Lauren and her staff abide by several guiding principles.

Chez Lauren is a five-star resort. 

Baby Sis and I found ourselves in the tranquil yet unfamiliar lap of luxury during our stay at Chez Lauren. From the chocolate bar on the pillow to the french press coffee to the Sunday morning frittata, we were spoiled.


At the crack of dawn Saturday, we went in to Nashville where we spent two days hours and thirty seven minutes deliberately plodding 13.1 miles through anything but luxury. The weather buffet offered almost every option except locusts snow and sun: cold, constant, steady, driving rain; wind; the occasional clap of thunder; one flash of lightning; the slightest bit of sleet; and (reportedly) hail.

Thankfully Lauren and her nice, dry, warm car picked us up
near the finish line.This is Baby Sis after she dried off. 

Afterwards we returned to Chez Lauren for a hot bath and some wine rehydration.

When the clouds parted, we frolicked in fabulous downtown Franklin and feasted at the Red Pony.

After being in cold, wet weather for the longest thirteen miles that ever was so long, we were ready to get our food on.

OK, admittedly this is from the previous evening at another restaurant.
Due to running 13.1 miles in horizontal rain for over two and a half hours,
we were starved to death, and there was no patience for taking pictures.
This, however, shows The World's Best Bacon Ever, coated with the nectar of the gods.

(Pardon the overturned egg which no doubt was attempting the grand escape before I could seize it.)

The food at the Red Pony, which was Hoovered was consumed before I could take pictures, consisted of a tempura sushi roll with shrimp and cream cheese for an appetizer, halibut for Baby Sis, flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce for me, and Some South American Fish Whose Name Escapes Me--with BACON JAM on top--for Lauren. Deconstructed potato soup was also involved. If by chance you've never heard of deconstructed potato soup, you are not alone because neither had we you really need to try it.

Bacon jam? Yes. Bacon is involved. Any questions?

After dinner, we ambled through historic downtown Franklin, 

which happened to be hosting a festival.

Vona is Lauren's absolutely adorable neighbor who
is a minister at Franklin United Methodist Church.
She has an unflappable voice and demeanor punctuated by
a soothing Southern accent. 

This is a story for another day.  

A good time was had by all.

The End.

p.s. Baby Sis and I cannot thank the very gracious Lauren and her Asst. Mgr. Dora enough for their hospitality and generosity during our stay. Regarding the race, if you are able to move at all in a forward direction, whether it's walking or jogging or rolling in a wheelchair, I highly encourage you to sign up for an organized event such as this. We heard from more than one participant that the Nashville half marathon is their favorite. The city is charming but not overwhelming; the course is challenging yet interesting.  Baby Sis and I will return!


Annie said...

wow, well done..
running in rain, and LIGHTNING...
you are much braver, and fitter than me!

congrats for finishing the race!

deborah said...

wow! congrats on finishing the race in the rain (or under any other conditions:)!! Sounds like you had a marvelous weekend and had lovely hostesses!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

The pictures are great and where there is Lauren there is fun! How sweet is Dora T.E.W.

Thanks to Lauren for showing all such a good time.

Mental P Mama said...

Dora was asking for you all this morning. We miss you terribly. It was so much fun, and we cannot wait for you to return!! Q w a a

Daryl said...

awesome recappage ... and i am loving LaLa's new hairs do

Paxie said...

Funny and delightful storytelling!

Thoroughly enjoyed this...what a time you girls had!

Meg McCormick said...

I second what Annie said. Way to go, ladies!

Country Girl said...

Oh, what fun! I love all these photos and your narrative was hilarious. It's always wonderful staying with Lauren. She is just great.

Dghawk said...

So glad you had wonderful time, but I think you brought the rain back with you.

Anonymous said...

You 3 looked so great in the photos, and one would never know you'd been through the storms of Odin the same day. Loved the hospitality from Lauren and Ms. Dora. Thanks for sharing this with us.

TSannie said...

What a wonderful-sounding weekend!