Friday, May 2, 2014


This field full of fallen corn stalks sprinkled with spring blooms lives down Redart, which for anyone who hasn't heard is trader backwards. It's pronounced as if it were two words:  red art. (Except a little more quickly, without hesitation.)

I have two words for this weekend:  serenity now.

Friday after work I will race to Daughter's home soccer game.

Saturday night is the prom.  Son is taking the exchange student from Belgium who has been living with my friends across the creek. The evening will commence with a photo shoot at their house, followed by dinner at Sandpiper Reef.  The actual prom will take place at the Piankatank Ruritan Club, conveniently located a mere cartwheel from my house. After the After Prom, Son informs me he will be bringing some friends over for post-After-Prom WhenDoesItEverEnd festivities.

I just want the evening to come and go with everyone staying safe, happy and healthy. Half of me says of course everything will be fine--while the other four-fifths simultaneously reminds me that anything and everything can go wrong.

(Math was never my forte.)

Anyway, I hope to report back on Monday that everything is fine and dandy.

I hope your weekend is fine, dandy and worry-free.

Have a great one.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck on the weekend...of course you agreed to host the post-prom-party. Your son will be in college next year, so I can imagine how golden the opportunity, so to say.


Daryl said...

here's to a lot of fun and none of the opposite

Meg McCormick said...

I'm still friends (via FB) with two of the exchange students we had at my high school while I was there! Foreign exchange rocks...

Funny, that one field picture looked an awful lot like a certain field road where fun gator rides ensued.