Friday, May 30, 2014


This heron was presiding over some East River crab pots near Williams Wharf on Thursday morning.

He was not far from where I parked my car to run four slow miles.  During that run, I chastised myself repeatedly for accomplishing only one or two of a mile-long list of things that were to have been done on my days off this week.

My son graduates high school in two weeks. There are lots of emotions swirling about that major milestone alone. Next week Busy Season begins at work, and I'll be putting in more hours. The doctor says my blood pressure is high, and I am also Vitamin B-12 deficient (among other things, one of which requires a nerve test at the end of June. Joy!).

Daughter is still in the throes of sports and has a soccer game tonight in West Point, which I'll attend after work.  Wearily. Cow bell dragging behind me, kicking up dust.

And, I just got the first email regarding the upcoming fall cross country season, which Daughter eagerly anticipates. There is a meeting Monday night in the high school cafeteria for runners and very exhausted parents.

After spending most of the week "off" from work--doing yard work and other not-so-small feats of hard, physical labor--I'm still wondering if things will ever slow down or get caught up.

More importantly I wonder why I thought they ever would.

Yet I did.

For now, I am just trying to keep everything in perspective and be grateful for all the good.  Because there is a lot of good.  I'm just tired.

This weekend won't necessarily be restful, but it most definitely should be enjoyable.  My friend Glenda turns 50, and her celebration takes place Saturday on New Point island.  Hopefully there will be pictures and, no doubt, a story or two.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

No bueno, high blood pressure report. B-12 deficiency can be corrected, on the plus side. Do you take CoQ 10 supplements ? My mom is a birthday girl today, celebrating 9 decades, and she and I are dosing ourselves with CoQ10 to see if we feel any less fatigued...will let you know.
We had a big family reunion last wkend,with lots of swirling emotions regarding: frail relatives who will probably not make too many more trips on airlines, seeing my firstborn and his family who graduated from California and moved north to Washington State,seeing my nephews with their kids for the first time since my sister passed away 6 yrs. ago...and my mom turning 90.
Lovely memories, but on 2nd thought, I should prob. have MY blood pressure checked.

Deltaville Jamie said...

Apparently, I have high blood pressure too. Not shocking with all the BS that goes on around here. I'm sure I have a few deficiencies as well, not least of which is a brain cell deficiency. All I want to do right now is work in the veggie garden, grow things and can it. I'd also like a dairy goat so I can make cheese. Basically I'd like to be a reclusive goat herding homesteader. The crazy goat lady. But since that isn't an option, I'll just finish wedding DIY projects (what the holy heck was I thinking??) and run the Brat Child to baseball games and scouting events (which has been an every single day this week thing- I think- because I can't remember the first part of the week). Did you know billy goats pee on their faces to attract women. I'll refrain from any man related analogies. This rambling blog comment has been brought to you by our friends at: Sleep Deprivation and Stress- because nobody can screw with your cognitive function like we can!

Daryl said...

hih BP is it seems a pretty common ailment for women .. i believe its a condition we can't avoid if we have husbands/family/children/pets/jobs ... and if we didn't have jobs, i know i for one would have higher BP for worrying about income ... GAH